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A win for patients and doctors

Radiologist Tobias Hertle wants to concentrate on his core work: analysing and interpreting radiological images. The Medical Connector Suite allows him to do just that. And it makes exchanging information with referring doctors simpler.

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«Digital networking simplifies cooperation with referring doctors, with colleagues in the same hospital and in other hospitals in Switzerland, and even with medical service providers abroad,» says Dr Tobias Hertle, Head of Radiology at Spitäler Frutigen Meiringen Interlaken (fmi) AG. That’s why Dr Hertle uses the Medical Connector Suite from Swisscom Health in his daily hospital work. 

No more burning and printing – now just a simple click

With 200 connected hospitals and service providers, the Medical Connector Suite is the largest Swiss network for the secure exchange of medical images and data. «Data is exchanged quickly and securely» says Dr Hertle.

Many tasks that radiologists used to have to do are becoming obsolete: besides burning CDs and printing images, their tasks also include hanging, arranging and archiving images and searching for them again if a patient needs to be re-examined.

Easy cooperation with referring doctors

«The Medical Connector Suite optimises workflows. Data is transferred without any need for physical paperwork, saving us resources, both in terms of material and time» says Thomas Huber, CTO at Spitäler fmi AG. And the solution not only makes sense from an operational and economic point of view, it is also beneficial for patients.

The data can be sent to patients and to referring doctors via Medical Share, a component of the Medical Connector Suite. They can then download the data free of charge via a link and share it with other service providers. Huber explains that this is useful for when patients from abroad are treated at Spitäler fmi AG, for example. It’s a regular occurrence, he says, because Interlaken is a tourist hotspot.

Concentrating on core work

Simplifying processes so that healthcare workers can focus on the core part of their job is not just another advantage for the patients, but also for Dr Tobias Hertle, who loves his work as a radiologist: «This is modern working for me, because at the end of the day I can just get on with my core work: analysing and interpreting images.»

This is Medical Connector Suite

  • The Medical Connector Suite is the largest virtual network in Switzerland for stakeholders in the healthcare sector 
  • Your solution for exchanging DICOM image data and sending medical data
  • The three building blocks are Medical Connector, Medical Share and Medical Multichannel

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