Outsource accounting, reduce costs and save time with curaBILL.

You should be looking after your patients, not invoices and receivables. With curaBILL, we make sure you can do just that. No matter what software your practice uses.

You look after your patients, we'll handle your bills.


Harvest the fruits of your labour immediately

Healthcare sector specialists

Comprehensive knowledge and a high level of security

Reduce losses from bad debts

Daily payment monitoring, reminders, professional debt collection

curaBILL: Accounting made easy

Invoicing and invoice management are among the most time-consuming administrative tasks in the healthcare sector. curaBILL will set you on the path to lean administration at your practice.

Sending invoice

  • Electronic acceptance of invoices
  • Schema validation
  • Electronic transmission to insurer
  • Printing and dispatch via print centre to patient

Account management and reporting

  • Monthly reporting
  • Annual financial statement
  • Tax documents
  • Payments

Customer and accounting advisory service

  • Hotline in four languages for customers and patients
  • Offer-specific support
  • Technical support
  • Processing of queries about invoices, reminders, credits, double payments and transfers

Invoice management

  • Payment monitoring
  • Reminders
  • Debt collection
  • Responses to invoices

Do you have questions about our services or about curaBILL? We’re happy to advise you.

This is what modern working looks like

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  • curaBILL Analysis

  • curaBILL User Administration

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