Protect Internet data traffic with Secure Internet Traffic

Traffic security – safe surfing for your SME

SMEs can now take advantage of the security solution that offers large companies reliable protection against malware and other Internet threats. Secure Internet Traffic provides SMEs with browser protection based on the world’s largest cloud security platform from the industry leader Zscaler. This gives SMEs maximum Internet security.

New ways of working mean that employees can now work anywhere. But this increases the likelihood of cyberattacks. Across the world, around 43% of all incidents target SMEs, making it even more important that they protect themselves against phishing, malware and other cyber risks. Secure Internet Traffic routes all of your data traffic via Zscaler’s security cloud. This ensures that your end devices are always optimally protected and up to date – without significant effort or additional infrastructure.

*Source: 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report (Verizon)

Your added value

  • Protect your data traffic with the world's largest and best-performing security cloud
  • Enjoy maximum security whenever you connect to the Internet: surfing, e-banking and web apps
  • Inspection and protection in the cloud rather than on end devices – maximum security for minimum effort

The leading security solution

Take advantage of the world's largest, best-performing cloud security platform. Data traffic is inspected and protected upstream in the cloud, making sure your devices cannot fall victim to a cyberattack.

Simple integration

Easy plug & play installation that protects your Internet traffic permanently. With no need for updates, your data traffic is optimally protected from cyberattacks at all times.

Automatic deployment

-The solution will not create additional work for your employees in their working day. AI-based phishing recognition automatically detects and blocks suspicious websites and sites containing malware.

Your path to Secure Internet Traffic


inOne SME office

Before taking advantage of Secure Internet Traffic, you must have inOne SME office.

Browser protection

Secure Internet Traffic

Surf worry-free in the future and protect your data traffic - for up to 5 devices.

No minimum contractual term, monthly cancellation option.

CHF 4.50  
Price per user per month

 The first three months are free of charge.*

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For secure SME data traffic, we rely on our collaborative partnership with the market leader Zscaler and its high-performing security cloud.

Certificate Managed Services zscaler

Online security assessment

Assess whether your users and data are exposed to cyberthreats from the Internet.  

How Secure Internet Traffic works

When the software is installed on an end device, all of the Internet traffic is routed via Zscaler’s security cloud. It blocks malware, phishing and other cyber threats by detecting them reliably, preventing access to your devices and successfully fending off cyberattacks. Your data remains protected and your connections stay secure.

Online security assessment

Assess whether your users and data are exposed to cyber threats from the Internet.

Minimum effort, maximum security

Keep track of all your licences in MySwisscom Business and assign them very easily to the necessary employees or end devices.

The everyday benefits of Secure Internet Traffic


When they surf the Internet, users may access a website infected with malware. Without the appropriate protection, end devices are an easy target for malware programmes.


Data traffic enters the security cloud. The various security systems there detect a threat and prevent malware from being installed on the end device and infecting the infrastructure. Threats in the browser are therefore detected by the security cloud itself, which can prevent infection.


Cybercriminals attempt to lure their victims with malware through e-mails and SMS, or even fake websites. Using sophisticated manipulation, victims are prompted to disclose their personal login details.


Malware protection prevents the installation of unwanted software on devices. The browser protection also detects fake websites and blocks them before an attack can take place.


In man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM), the hacker pretends to be a network participant and inserts themselves between the sender and receiver. This enables the hacker to read or manipulate the data.


Various measures can be taken to prevent MITM attacks, including encryption, protecting users from manipulation and multi-factor authentication.

Why Swisscom?

  • The highest security standard for large companies is now also available for your SME.
  • Inspection and protection of data traffic in the cloud ensures effective protection for end devices.
  • Swisscom has its own access point to the Zscaler security cloud.

The consequences can threaten the existence of smaller companies. But they are precisely the focus of cybercriminals. 61% of global cyberattacks now target SMEs.

NCSC, 2022


Secure Internet Traffic protects the incoming and outgoing data traffic on a device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) and ensures that no malware can infect it.  

When the software is installed on a device, any incoming and outgoing data traffic is always routed via the Zscaler cloud and inspected for unwanted malware. Only clean traffic is forwarded on.  

Existing inOne SME customers can order Secure Internet Traffic (SIT) in the MySwisscom Business portal.  

A licence allows you to install the software on up to 5 personal devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.). A maximum of 10 licences can be ordered per inOne SME office.  

Secure Internet Traffic costs CHF 4.50 per licence, per month. The first three months are free of charge.  

Yes, the number of licences can be changed as required up to a maximum 10 licences per inOne SME office.  

Secure Internet Traffic is not virus protection – it protects a device’s data traffic and prevents it being infected by malware. Secure Internet Traffic is not effective if a device is infected with a virus, via a USB stick for instance.  

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System requirements
Usage of the sofware requires that the end device in question meets the current system requirements.

Offer Conditions
These "Offer Conditions for Security Options"(opens in new tab) apply to the Internet Security, Identity Security and Secure Internet Traffic services.

Customers with a new Secure Internet Traffic connection enjoy the first three months for free. All you need is a new or existing inOne SME office subscription. After this period, Secure Internet Traffic costs CHF 4.50/mo. and user. The subscription can be cancelled at any time to the end of the month.