Managed Backup for SMEs

Back up or restore data

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Loss of data in a company can often have serious consequences. Your chosen IT partner backs up your data regularly, reliably and automatically on Swisscom Cloud servers in Switzerland. If you experience a data loss, IT experts ensure a swift recovery.

Backup and restore to suit your needs

Backup your data, servers or mailboxes

You don’t need to worry about backups. Our IT partners back up your data, servers or mailboxes for you ‒ regularly, automatically and to suit your needs.

Restore: recover data quickly

Missing data? Call an IT expert for support. Whether it's for restoring individual documents or a complete server recovery.

 Climate-neutral product

Your backup solution for

  • Mobile devices
  • Workstations
  • Virtual and physical servers (e.g. NAS)
  • Microsoft 365 online
  • Google G Suite​

Your benefits

  • Freedom to choose how long to store your data.
  • Restoration of lost data by qualified IT experts.
  • Your Microsoft 365 data (such as e-mails, SharePoint or OneDrive) stored securely in the cloud.

When is it the right solution?

Looking for automatic backups for data in different operating systems and devices? For Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile, NAS or workstations. Certified IT partners back up your data in encrypted form on Swiss cloud servers, and can restore it in the event of data loss.

Managed Backup is tailored to the individual needs of your company. You receive the right solution for you and your specific data volume, storage period and backup frequency.

Why choose Swisscom?

  • Your data is stored securely outside your company in specially encrypted form on Swisscom Cloud servers in Switzerland.
  • Swisscom’s specially selected IT partners complete the installation and also perform the secure and regular data backups to suit your specific needs.

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Wondering if Managed Backup is the right solution for your business? Let’s find out together.

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Portrait Christof Lutz

«When everything’s going well, nobody thinks to ask about data protection.»

Christof Lutz was impelled to improve his company’s data security after an incident of water damage in the server room.


Do without your own server infrastructure and use the energy-efficient Swisscom Cloud. This reduces your carbon footprint.

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