From CHF 60.-/mth. per location

Managed Security

Professional network protection for your SME

Cloud-based IT security solution with firewall, web filter and anti-virus protection.

Managed Security

Managed Security is a professional cloud-based firewall and anti-virus service that protects your entire network. Based in the Swisscom Cloud, the firewall offers significant benefits over local hardware firewall solutions (scalability, high availability and performance to name just a few).


Managed Security takes care of everything. Operated by Swisscom, regular updates keep the security solution at the cutting edge.

Basic module

Professional firewall

The cloud-based firewall constantly monitors your network traffic for threats. Swisscom ensures that the firewall is always up to date and maintains it around the clock.

Web filter

The web filter allows you to control web access by blocking illegal or undesirable content (white and blacklist).

Logging & reporting

Network traffic is logged to permit simple analysis of use and troubleshooting. You also receive a monthly report showing the most important key data.

From CHF / mth. per location


Plus CHF/mth for each
additional location




Anti-virus protection for the entire network. Hourly updates ensure that even new viruses can be detected and blocked. Complements the anti-virus software on your devices because viruses can also infiltrate the network through unprotected network devices (such as printers).

An additional CHF / mth. per location



Managed Networks

The basis for all SME network solutions. Secure data traffic within a protected corporate network. For one or more locations.

From CHF/mth per site


* The basic package costs only CHF 30 per month for one site.

High-performance Internet

4 product versions with 10 Mbit/s – 1 Gbit/s download/upload

Security options with various service levels

Managed LAN is also available with Business Internet Services XS.

Cloud Managed Services

No need for your own server thanks to energy-efficient Cloud Managed Services: reduce your carbon footprint by up to 90%.

A Swisscom Business Internet Services connection (XS-L) is a prerequisite for Cloud Managed Services.

Additional info

Dr. Gurtner AG

“The cloud-based firewall is much less troublesome.”