Employee IT security training courses for SMEs

Security Awareness Training – for better IT security awareness

Most cyberattacks start with fraudulent e-mails. Technical protective measures alone are not enough if cybercriminals attempt to access an SME’s IT systems through its employees. Phishing, identity theft and social engineering are used to circumvent technical protective measures. This is how ransomware infiltrates corporate networks or attempts to access company data.

Therefore, if you want an integrated security strategy, it is crucial to involve employees and to provide cybersecurity training to help them navigate the Internet, e-mails and IT securely. 

Targeted IT security training courses prepare your employees for the main types of attack and teach them how to recognise them and behave appropriately. Dealing with fictitious attacks helps prepare the users in your company for the worst-case scenario. This will improve their awareness of various cyberthreats and help them act with greater foresight.

Embedding IT security in the corporate culture

Regular employee training on IT security embeds the topic and raises employee awareness. This equips them with the correct behaviour and serves as a constant reminder of the approach to take.

Enhance employees’ security awareness

Deceptively realistic attack simulations present your employees with different types of cyberthreat. This promotes vigilance towards cyberthreats, trains them to respond correctly to cyberattacks and refreshes their knowledge.

What’s in it for you:

  • Tailored IT security training programme.
  • Digital learning platform with a wide range of high-quality content that is constantly updated.
  • Experienced experts advise and support you with planning, implementation and reporting.

Your benefits

  • Increased security awareness: employees are more vigilant about cyberthreats
  • The latest knowledge: regular training equips employees with the right behaviour for greater IT security
  • Measurable success: employee progress can be mapped in customised reports

When is it the right solution?

Would you like to use employee training courses to improve IT security in your company? Are you looking for effective phishing simulations and cybersecurity training for your employees? Our Security Awareness Training helps you to raise your employees’ awareness of security and keeps their knowledge fully up to date.

Why Swisscom?

  • Swissness: threat scenarios tailored to Swiss companies
  • Data security: the most rigorous security standards in compliance with the latest data protection legislation
  • Professionalism: certified specialists for individual phishing simulations and cybersecurity training

Our products

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You receive

IT security training courses

  • Well-paced online training courses of between 3 and 20 minutes.
  • A wide variety of topics, including phishing, working securely at home, malware, e-mail security, etc.
  • A variety of different formats (videos, interactive training, games, quizzes, etc.)

Phishing simulations

  • Authentic e-mail and SMS phishing simulations
  • Employees are trained to recognise attempted e-mail and SMS attacks
  • Phishing e-mails are specifically designed for the Swiss market.

Measuring success and reporting

  • Reports tailored to your requirements 
  • Measurement of training progress and success of training
  • Measurement of KPIs on success of phishing campaigns

Here’s how it works

Watch this short video to find out how you can use the security awareness training to raise your employees’ awareness of IT security.

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