We make Swisscom Data-Driven

Together We Make Data Work

Using Agile methodologies, our initiatives are planned and aligned with stakeholders to provide great solutions. Along the needs of our users we collect and enrich data and generate great customer experiences and insights.

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We benefit tremendously from shared experiences and knowledge. Therefore, we are committed to giving back by creating resources or by participating in various communities as well as stewarding our own. Whether through open-sourcing code and data, giving a platform to AI startups, or engaging in and hosting events, we are sharing and caring!

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With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility

Security, Governance and Ethics implemented by design thanks to self-assessment and meaningful oversight. We carefully follow the latest trends to stay ahead of the competition.

No Discrimination

We prevent discrimination and discriminatory bias such as tendentious, or prejudiced perceptions in the use of digital technologies and the processing of data.

Respect personality and privacy

We respect the privacy of individuals when using digital technologies and processing data by respecting the right to a non-public sphere in which personality can be developed without external influences.

Informational self-determination

We protect our customers from unlimited processing of their data. Customers have the right to determine the processing of their data themselves, without disadvantages in their relationship with Swisscom.

Ensuring transparency

We enable our customers to understand and comprehend our use of digital technologies and the processing of data, as well as risks of the main use cases.

Responsible and accountable

We assume full responsibility for the use of digital technologies and the processing of data as well as their results or consequences by Swisscom or third parties working on our account.

Creating benefits and added value

Our use of digital assets and data is geared towards creating benefits and added value for customers and society. Our value framework fully applies to the use of digital technologies.

A Group of Dynamic and Skilled Colleagues

Coming from many countries and studies, we collaborate among data engineers, analysts and scientists to enable Swisscom to be a data-driven company.

Our population is unique and multi-facetted


Male / Female Ratio


Less than 40 years of age


Snubbing the five-day workweek


Offices across Switzerland

Zürich, Bern, Lausanne, Bellinzona



International team


Community days per year

Transformation Days, Hackathons, DNA Party etc.


Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. For any information about our Data, Analytics and AI topics please send us an e-mail.

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