Incl. 12-month free Netflix subscription

Incl. 12-month

free Netflix


Gigaspeed Internet and blue TV
Just 59.80/mth for 6 months

then from 94.80/mth

Incl. 12-month free Netflix subscription

Incl. 12-month

free Netflix subscription

Gigaspeed Internet and blue TV
Just 59.80/mth for 6 months

then from 94.80/mth.

Twice the benefits 

Sign up for a new blue Internet subscription with blue TV and pay just 59.80/mth for 6 months. Plus receive 1 year of free Netflix, worth 226.80 in total.

blue Internet package with blue TV

Our new subscriptions. Better. Simpler. More attractive. 

  • Up to 10 Gbit/s max. up/download
  • Free WLAN router worth 199.–
  • 7-day Replay and up to 2000 h recording
  • Up to 330+ channels
  • Free TV-Box worth 119.–

59.80/mth. with Simply Digital

Avec 12 mois de Netflix en cadeau

Avec 12 mois

de Netflix

en cadeau

blue mobile M
blue mobile M

Internet Giga Speed et blue TV pendant 6 mois à seulement 59.80/mois

blue Internet im Paket mit blue TV 

Unsere neuen Abo's. Besser. Einfacher. Attraktiver. 

59.80/Mt. Bei Neuabschluss eines blue home während 6 Monaten. Alle Preisangaben inkl. Simply Digital-Vorteil. Die gesamten Richtlinien finden Sie unter "Was Sie zum Angebot wissen sollten".

Für 6 Monate, danach ab 94.80/Mt. mit blue Internet L & blue TV S

Gratis WLAN-Router im Wert von 199.–

Gratis TV-Box im Wert von 119.–

blue TV via App kostenlos auf Tablet, PC oder Smartphone

Netflix Stranger Things

1 year of Netflix worth 226.80 in total – also available to existing Netflix customers

Netflix offers a vast selection of feature films, documentaries, series, anime, award-winning Netflix Originals and more. Watch as much as you like whenever and how often you want. 

How it works 

Simply Digital – online instead of hotline

Your first port of call – the digital assistant

Our digital assistant Sam will respond to all your enquiries at any time over chat. If Sam is ever unable to assist, you can access Swisscom Support via chat, on the hotline or at a Swisscom Shop.

Always report enquiries online first

Your enquiry always has to be reported first on the My Swisscom app or online on, rather than turning directly to our hotline or in-store advisors.

Save every month with Simply Digital

Enjoy a monthly discount of CHF 10.– on any mobile and Internet subscription.

What you need to know about the offer

The offer is available to customers taking out a new blue Internet & blue TV subscription. For the first 6 months, you will pay 54.90/mth for the Internet and 4.90/mth for blue TV, which takes into account the Simply Digital benefit of 10.–/mth; so 59.80/mth in total. Thereafter, the following monthly subscription fees (the prices including the Simply Digital benefit) will apply: S 64.90 (54.90), M 79.90 (69.90), L 89.90 (79.90); blue TV S 14.90, M 24.90, L 34.90. Offer available until 19 June 2022

  • Minimum subscription period for blue Internet and blue TV is 24 months each. In the event of the early cancellation of one or both services, the customer will be charged the costs of the router and TV-Box - Swisscom TV Box, Apple TV Box - supplied as well as the remaining subscription fees. 
  • Cannot be combined with other promotions 
  • Offer does not apply when simply switching to a blue Internet subscription (e.g. Vivo Casa) or when switching from a fixed network product (e.g. Swisscom Line basic) without blue Internet
  • Activation charge: CHF 89.– 
  • TV-Box illustrated: CHF 20.–
  Costs during the first 6 months* Costs from the 7th month*
blue Internet S 54.90/mth 54.90/mth
blue Internet M 54.90/mth 69.90/mth
blue Internet L 54.90/mth 79.90/mth
blue TV S 4.90/mth 14.90/mth
blue TV M 4.90/mth 24.90/mth
blue TV L 4.90/mth

 *Simply Digital benefit of 10.–/mth already deducted from prices 

  • When signing up to blue Internet & blue TV, you will receive credit for a 12-month Netflix Standard subscription worth a total of 226.80 (12x 18.90). Following contract conclusion and the product’s successful activation by Swisscom, you will receive an e-mail from Swisscom featuring a promotional code that is valid until 31.10.2022, which you can use to obtain your Netflix credit. You can also claim this offer even if you are an existing Netflix Standard customer. 
  • As an existing Netflix Premium customer, you will receive the same credit. As you pay higher monthly fees (24.90) than for Netflix Standard, your credit will run out sooner (after 9 months). 
  • As an existing Netflix Basic customer, you will also receive the same credit. As you pay lower monthly fees (11.90) than for Netflix Standard, your credit will run out later (after 19 months). 
  • If the contract is not completed or is cancelled by the customer and the Netflix credit has already been received, the customer will be charged the full value of the credit plus an administrative fee of 200.–.

With Simply Digital, you access customer support exclusively via the My Swisscom app or the web-based version. If you submit your request to the hotline or a Shop, you will be referred to your chosen support channel.

If you repeatedly contact us via a support channel that is not included, the option can be deactivated immediately. You settle your bill using digital payment methods (eBill, TWINT, etc.). Simply Digital can be activated or deactivated at the end of each calendar month.

Your Internet subscription has been changed automatically – you are now enjoying even faster speeds. Find out everything you need to know about the new Internet subscriptions here.

Existing customers can only benefit from the subscription offer by taking out a new blue home subscription for another location.

Yes, you can adjust the products in the My Swisscom Customer Centre at any time.

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All subscriptions purchased from Swisscom are climate-neutral – at no extra cost to you.