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Swisscom has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80% over the past few decades. Our remaining, unavoidable emissions are offset via myclimate. This is how the we became a carbon-neutral operation. Swisscom now also enables its customers to offset the carbon emission of products.

Now rated a “carbon-neutral operation”

Together with myclimate, we calculated the CO2 emissions generated by our operations. Through the offset and our support for climate protection projects, we ensure that we make up for these emissions in full in other ways.

How a “carbon-neutral operation” works

The externally verified climate report is the basis for calculating the CO2 emissions to be offset. This offset is used to cover the emissions created by our internal operations as well as upstream emissions such as those produced by energy and fuel extraction or the manufacture of network equipment.

Carbon offset products

CO2 emissions of purchased products like smartphones, tablets or accessories are not covered by their climate-neutral operation. That is why in cooperation with our partner South Pole, we are offering our customers the opportunity to carbon offset these products’ CO2 emissions for a small surcharge.

Did you know?

80 kg of CO2

That’s the scale of the CO2 footprint of a smartphone over its entire life cycle

Number of smartphones which have been carbon offset so far:

4435 pieces

This corresponds to the amount of CO2 that

29'500 trees

absorb in one year.

Last amended: 15.04.2021

How offsets work

South Pole’s climate protection experts use a model to help them determine how many emissions are associated with the purchase of a specific product – from mining raw materials to production and delivery to customers. A smartphone’s carbon footprint over its entire life cycle, for example, amounts to about 80 kg CO2.

Climate projection projects

We support various climate projection projects that are proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Amount of offset

Offset your products’ carbon footprint by paying a surcharge. South Pole invests this money in various forest conservation projects.

Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find the most important answers regarding the sale of carbon offset products.

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