By taking part in our reuse initiative, you too can make a valuable contribution to the circular economy. Get involved and give devices and packaging a new lease of life.


Trade in your old mobile or donate it for a good cause. With its Swisscom Buyback and Mobile Aid initiatives, Swisscom has two programmes to encourage the reuse of second-hand mobiles. With "refreshed" Swisscom sells remanufactured smartphones.


Repairing is kinder to the environment than throwing away. At our eleven Repair Centers, we will repair your smartphone within 24 hours or in only two hours if you opt for our express service.

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Devices that have reached the end of their useful life are passed on to Swico Recycling, a national, not-for-profit system for taking back discarded electronic and electrical equipment, for environmentally-friendly recycling.

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The Swisscom network and data centres are powered entirely using energy from renewable sources, including solar, wind and hydroelectric power.

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Think out of the box and use the packaging that your Swisscom products are delivered in to store all those trinkets and knick-knacks that have always needed a home. Our packaging is a mix of recycled cardboard and FSC certified paper. The ink used is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Devices that you no longer require can simply be returned to Swisscom: by post, at a Päckli Punkt, via pick@home or Take me back.

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Facts & Figures

Our commitment to the prudent management of natural resources is starting to bear fruit. We are also relentlessly pursuing our efforts to further improve our carbon footprint.

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