Mobile phone repairs at the Swisscom Repair Center

Enjoy a rapid, guaranteed mobile or tablet repair service at the Swisscom Repair Center. Choose from a range of options for broken screens, water damage and software errors to get your device up and running again in no time. 

Broken laptop or notebook?

Screens, cases, water damage/other damage

  • A rapid repair service (usually within 24 hours at the Repair Center and 3 hours with our Express service)
  • Certified service engineers and original spare parts, ensuring that the manufacturer's guarantee remains valid
  • A 6-month repair guarantee

Other issues/software problems

  • Rectify the fault at home
  • Free and simple
  • The Picea app helps you to diagnose the cause
  • E.G. For software or reception issues

Sell instead of repairing

With Swisscom Buyback you can trade in your old smartphone for credit on your next Swisscom bill, have the value conveniently paid out by bank transfer or receive a discount on your next smartphone.

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Use the repair service at the Repair Center or in a Swisscom Shop

Get your smartphone or tablet (iPhone, Samsung) repaired on site at one of the 11 Swisscom shops with an integrated Repair Center. If you do not have a Repair Center in your local area, take the device to a Swisscom Shop to be sent away for repair.

Applies to Repair Center only
  • Applies to Repair Center only: Repairs are carried out on site, usually within 24 hours, or within just 3 hours with the Express service.
  • Our certified service engineers only use original spare parts, ensuring that the manufacturer's guarantee remains valid.
  • Enjoy a 6-month guarantee on the repair.
  • Receive a modern replacement device free of charge while yours is being repaired.

Free fault rectification at home

Diagnose faults with an app

The Picea app checks your device for faults.

  1. Scan the QR code.
  2. Install the Picea app.
  3. The app analyses your device and helps you to rectify faults.

No reception? Check your mobile network coverage

Problems with reception are often the result of limited or no network coverage. Check the coverage at your location on the network coverage map.

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