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Donate your old mobile phone for children in need

Do you have a mobile phone you no longer need? You can donate it now to Swisscom Mobile Aid. It doesn’t matter if it works or not: we will turn it into cash and donate the amount to SOS Children’s Villages. Drop your old mobile phone now at one of the collection points in one of over 100 Swisscom shops in Switzerland.

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Selling instead of donating

If you don't want to simply donate your used mobile phone, sell it to us: With Swisscom Buyback, you receive the current cash value - simply, easily and quickly.

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Turn your mobile phone into a donation

In order to delete your personal data from your mobile phone, we recommend that you reset your device to the factory settings prior to delivery. Our staff at the Swisscom Shop will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Data deletion

The non-profit Geneva-based company realise deletes all personal data on the mobile phones.


RS Switzerland in Fribourg deals with selling any devices that work.


soRec in Gossau recycles the raw materials from defective mobile phones.


Swisscom donates all the proceeds from sales and recycling to SOS Children’s Villages.

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A future for every child

Our Mobile Aid initiative supports the work of SOS Children’s Villages in Nicaragua. The charity’s activities enable children in the province of Estelí to have an independent future.

Old mobile phones:
worth their weight in gold!

An estimated eight million mobile phones lie around unused in Switzerland. The material value alone easily tops the CHF 60 million mark.

Graphic about valuable raw materials in the eight million unused mobile phones in Switzerland. 240 kg of gold, 2'400 kg of silver and 120'000 kg of copper

That’s the amount of precious raw material in Switzerland’s eight million unused mobile phones.
Source: Swico Öko-Institut e.V.

Facts & Figures

Around 100,000 devices are handed in to Swisscom every year. This has funded more than 5 million meals for children in need since 2012.

Graphic on valuable raw materials in the eight million unused mobile phones in Switzerland. 240 kg. Gold, 2'400 Kg. silver and 120,000 kg. Copper

In focus

“Through Mobile Aid, we have already funded 5 million meals for children in need since 2012. Together, we can do more. We welcome your support.”

Marius Schlegel,
Manager circular economy programs Swisscom

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