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Save up to 140.– per month
Save up to 140.– per month

Combi and Family discounts for anyone with multiple subscriptions

With the Combi discount (formerly blue Benefit), all households with an Internet subscription benefit from a monthly discount of 20.– on a mobile subscription. What’s more, a 30.– Family discount is available per subscription on up to 4 additional mobile subscriptions. Whether you're a family, couple, group of flatmates or the sole occupier of your home – the more you combine, the bigger the discount.

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Couples, families, flatmates and sole occupiers– Combi discounts are available to all

Couples, families, flatmates and sole occupiers– Combi discounts are available to all

Up to 140.– discount every month

Lifetime discount

One bill for everything

Best network: at home and on the move

Frequent questions

To qualify for the Combi discount, simply combine a blue Internet subscription with a blue Mobile subscription. A Family discount is also available on up to four additional mobile subscriptions in the same household.

Mobile subscription 20.–/mo. Combi discount on the 1st mobile subscription 30.–/mo. Family discount on the 2nd to 5th mobile subscription
blue Mobile S 49.90 instead of 69.90/mo. 39.90 instead of 69.90/mo.
blue Mobile M 59.90 instead of 79.90/mo. 49.90 instead of 79.90/mo.
blue Mobile L 79.90 instead of 99.90/mo. 69.90 instead of 99.90/mo.
Kids mobile subscription 5.–/mo. Kids discount
blue Kids Mobile 14.90 instead of 19.90/mo.
blue Kids Watch 9.90 instead of 14.90/mo.
Prepaid Surf faster with blue Benefit
Prepaid Kids + 500 MB/mo.
Prepaid Plus + 500 MB/mo.

The person named on the Swisscom Internet contract adds everyone from the household with a blue Mobile S/M/L, blue Kids Mobile, blue Kids Watch, inOne mobile premium, Prepaid Kids or Prepaid Plus subscription in My Swisscom My Swisscom(opens in new tab).

blue Benefit has been renamed Combi, Family and Kids discount to make the individual discounts easier to understand. 
There have been no material changes to either the discount or the information on the bill.

If you would like to benefit from the Combi discount, you must switch your mobile subscriptions to a blue Mobile S, M, L, blue Kids Mobile or blue Kids Watch. 

You can amend your subscription in MySwisscom.

Go to MySwisscom(opens in new tab)

You can also purchase a new smartphone with a discount or instalment plan.

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The previous inOne benefit will remain in place if the subscription is not extended.

Not directly. The first phone number added by the subscription holder will receive the Combi discount of 20.–/mo. The 2nd to 5th phone numbers will receive the Family discount of 30.–/mo. blue Kids and Prepaid are exceptions, however. These subscriptions are always in position 2 to 5.

The Combi, Family and Kids discounts are all open-ended. You can take advantage of them for as long as you meet the eligibility requirements. If your mobile subscription is combined with someone else’s Internet subscription, then the Combi discount is not an integral part of your contract. The Combi discount is therefore not guaranteed (not even during the minimum contract period) and any cancellation or reduction of the discount will not give you a special right of cancellation.

Advantages of the Combi, Family and Kids discount

It’s so easy: All households with Swisscom Internet save 20.–/mo. on the 1st mobile subscription courtesy of the Combi discount. With the Family discount, you save 30.–/mo. on up to 4 additional mobile subscriptions. You save 5.–/mo. on Kids subscriptions.

The Combi, Family and Kids discounts are valid for an unlimited period; in other words, the discount applies for the lifetime of the subscription. The offer is also available indefinitely and not time limited.

The Combi, Family and Kids discounts apply to our best-selling subscriptions and not to selected special offers, allowing all customers to benefit.

All households can enjoy the Combi or Family discounts from just two subscriptions. Of course, larger households with multiple mobile subscriptions benefit the most, as the monthly discount increases from 20.– to 30.– starting from the second mobile subscription.

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