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Matura holders

Practical Bachelor’s degree (PiBS)

Key info in brief

Do you want to start work immediately following your Matura school-leaving qualification yet still pursue a degree course at university? Then you’ve come to the right place. The practical Bachelor’s degree (PiBS) in Computer Science unlocks many career possibilities for you in the digital world.


Swisscom offers a unique training approach in collaboration with various universities of applied sciences, such as Bern University of Applied Sciences or the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences and Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Combining study with practical experience turns you into a sought-after IT pro and improves your job prospects on the labour market.

Furthermore, at Swisscom you can apply your IT expertise in interesting topical areas like big data, cloud computing and information security. At the same time, you can widen your knowledge in the areas of software development, application programming, web technologies and computer networks.

Your qualifications

You have passed your Matura and are interested in information and communication technologies. You find team work fun and you are conscientious and creative.

Course structure

You will work up to 20 hours a week at Swisscom, gaining practical IT experience in a variety of different projects. The rest of the week you focus on your computer science studies, following the blended learning model and attending lectures once a week. During the remaining study time, you pursue your learning goals on your own, supported by an interactive multimedia online learning platform.

Post-degree options

Master’s degree programme at a university of applied sciences or university; certification in specialist area; project management. You can find more information about the study programme on our partner websites.

Admission criteria

  • You have successfully obtained university entrance qualifications (Swiss Matura).
  • You do not yet have more than one year’s professional experience in an ICT or technical field of work (in such case, you would already meet the admission criteria for a university of applied sciences and would thus not be eligible for the PiBS).
  • You have not yet completed a university degree in computer science or have studied no more than three semesters at a UAS, University, Federal Institute of Technology or the Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne. Decisions on credits for academic achievements rest with the Programme Director. It is not possible to join a higher semester (lack of practical experience).
  • Before applying, take some time to familiarise yourself with the study model, the course content, possible areas of focus and the process – for example, by visiting in new tab). There you will find details about PiBS Computer Science and can register for an initial consultation with the student advisory service.

Fast facts

Course duration: 4 years

Provider: Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW – we only support school model C – ‘Continuous Part-time Study’ in Winterthur), Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH).

Study location: Bern and/or Zurich

Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc) Computer Science, federally protected and internationally recognised. 

PiBS positions 2024

What our PiBS students say

Nina Zimmermann

"Thanks to Swisscom, I can directly apply and further develop the knowledge I have acquired during my studies in real-life situations. The opportunity to choose projects independently allows me to explore and deepen my areas of interest in more detail."

Nina Zimmermann

student on the practice-integrated bachelor's degree programme (PiBS) in computer science


Person with backpack in nature

From the life of a PiBS student

Experience software development up close, learn the multi-faceted IT business from the ground up, take on responsibility, plunge into exciting projects and build up in-depth theoretical knowledge through your studies.


The practice-oriented course: PiBS Computer Science at Swisscom

Excited about a course of study that closes this gap between theory and practice? You can read more about it here.

Matura holders

Way-up traineeship

Key info in brief

The compact 2-year vocational computer science or mediamatics traineeship (Federal VET Diploma).


Have you completed the Swiss Matura and would like to start your career in the fascinating world of ICT? Swisscom offers you a unique training approach with the compact computer science or mediamatics traineeship (Federal VET Diploma). You take on responsibility from day one, and independently apply to work on projects that interest you on an online marketplace.

During your two years of practical training, you will work for various business areas all over Switzerland to develop your personal and professional potential, alongside your studies at a vocational college. Start your career in a work environment where your ideas count and you can design your own training path.

Way-up traineeship

Federal VET Diploma in Computer Science specialising in application development or systems engineering (Way-up)

Apprenticeship positions filled in 2024

You have completed the Swiss Matura and would like to start a Computer Science course in application development or systems engineering.

Your apprenticeship


2 years

College location



1-2 days per week and training year
(your college-based learning follows on from the Matura)

Final qualification

Federal VET Diploma in Computer Science
(Specialising in application development or systems engineering)

Continuing education opportunities

Vocational training courses, course at a University of Applied Sciences or professional college

Your future job

Application development: you will design and implement Web applications and software solutions. You will identify customer requirements and analyse processes and operating sequences, with an unswerving focus on user friendliness. Using a suitable programming language, you will translate concepts into functional programs, test software and make sure it works under all conditions.

Systems engineering: you will develop, program, install, test and operate computers, servers and IT structures. You will select suitable hardware and software, install computers, printers and servers. You will also configure different systems, troubleshoot and be responsible for network security and monitoring. You ensure the constant availability of all systems.

Your background
  • Swiss Matura with consistently good to excellent results in Maths, German, English and Science
  • Excellent logical-abstract thinking and solution-oriented reasoning
  • Technical understanding, an appreciation of theoretical processes and procedures
  • Rapid comprehension and strong mental focus
  • Good communication skills and a strong service mindset
  • A team player
  • A love of experimenting

Mediamatics technician Federal VET Diploma (Way-up)

Apprenticeship positions 2024  You can access all open positions using the button

You ensure perfect worldwide networking of information and communication technologies. Way-up apprenticeship also possible.

Your apprenticeship


2 years

College location


Days at college

1-2 days per week and training year
(your college-based learning follows on from the Matura)

Final qualification

Mediamatics technician (Federal VET Diploma)


Vocational training courses, course at a University of Applied Sciences or professional college

Your future job

Drawing on your multimedia, design, marketing, IT and administration know-how, you produce content for electronic and traditional media. You edit photos, sound recordings and videos, and will layout text. You will design and maintain websites, create advertising material, presentations and print materials, and facilitate the use of new technologies at events.

Your background
  • Swiss Matura with consistently good to excellent results in Maths, German, English and Science
  • Independent and methodical
  • Strong interest in technology and new media
  • Independent and methodical
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Rapid comprehension
  • Creativity
  • Technical understanding and logical-abstract thinking
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • A team player

Read what our Way-up trainees have to say


Springboard to the future

Key info in brief

As a secondary school leaver or Matura holder, our internships give you the opportunity to work on fascinating projects. You gain important professional experience and thus lay the groundwork for your further training. You are motivated and fascinated by subjects related to digitisation. You are also keen to apply what you have learned at school in practice and develop your skills. The possibilities offered by a large company attract you, and you take responsibility for the tasks you perform at your workplace. We expect you to be both reliable and resourceful.

General conditions for Matura holders

Completed your Matura and looking to study at a university of applied sciences?

 A Swisscom internship provides you with valuable practical experience, giving you the necessary professional experience (AWE) for study at a university of applied sciences. As an intern, you work with Swisscom for one year and experience the fascinating world of ICT up close.

Middle school framework conditions

Have you completed the school-based part of your school-organised VET programme and are seeking a work placement to gain your Federal VET Diploma?

As part of your internship at Swisscom, you gain valuable practical experience and can thus complete the ‘company examination elements’ for the completion of your school-organised VET programme. As an intern, you work with Swisscom for one year and experience the fascinating world of ICT up close.

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