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You register via the job advert and then receive a link with which you answer a few questions in the form of a time-delayed interview with the help of videos. Your video application is the first step in the application process for an apprenticeship at Swisscom. And therefore the most important. Here's how to succeed:

The first impression counts

Your video application gives us a first impression - of you and your suitability for the position as well as your motivation for the job. Make the most of this opportunity and stand out from the many other applications.

Your motivation is crucial

Convince us why you, your dream job and Swisscom are a perfect match.

Apply for one position only

You can't decide between two similar professions (e.g. mediamatics and interactive media design) or two specialisations (e.g. computer science)? Then mention your dilemma in the video interview and tell us in your comments what your thoughts are.

Tell us about your motivation

Why exactly do you want this apprenticeship in our company? What qualifies you for the position? What do you know about the job and about Swisscom? Your video should answer these questions.

Get to know us

If you have impressed us with your video, the second step in the application process follows: NEX Day. There you will spend an afternoon solving various tasks together with other students. You will make your first contacts and get to know Swisscom better. We would like to find out more about you during an interview. The last step is now complete. Have you convinced us? Then nothing stands in the way of your apprenticeship at Swisscom.

The process is slightly different for the retail apprenticeship: you register via the job advert and can then also complete the time-shifted interview using videos via a link. You will then be invited to a "Junior Experience Day" in the Swisscom shop. There you can get to know us and us you a little better and you will have another opportunity to demonstrate your skills and professional interest. Are both sides satisfied and were you able to convince us? Welcome to Swisscom.

You can find more information about NEX-Day in this blog post.

Fabienne Maier

Fabienne Maier

Marketing Specialist @ Next Generation

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