Swisscom expectations 2023

Swisscom has, for many years now, continued to perform well in a challenging market environment. Our outlook explains how we expect the market and our business to develop over the current year.


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Revenue development

Swisscom anticipates that revenue will be CHF 11.1 – 11.2 bn in 2023. Revenue of around CHF 8.6 bn are expected for the Swisscom Group excluding Fastweb, and EUR 2.5 – 2.6 bn for Fastweb.

EBITDA development

Swisscom expects EBITDA to come in at CHF 4.6 – 4.7 bn in 2023. This comprises EBITDA of CHF 3.7 – 3.8 bn for the Swisscom Group excluding Fastweb, and EBITDA of around EUR 0.9 bn for Fastweb.


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Swisscom erwartet für 2022 einen EBITDA von rund CHF 4,4 Mrd. Für Swisscom ohne Fastweb wird mit einem EBITDA von rund CHF 3,5 Mrd. gerechnet, für Fastweb mit einem EBITDA von EUR 0,8 bis 0,9 Mrd.

Capital expenditure

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Capital expenditure development

Swisscom expects around CHF 2.3 bn in capital expenditure for 2023. Capital expenditure of around CHF 1.7 bn are expected for the Swisscom Group excluding Fastweb, and around EUR 0.6 bn for Fastweb.

“Simplification and ongoing efficiency improvements are the key to stabilising our Swiss business.”

Eugen Stermetz,
CFO Swisscom

Areas of focus for the Swiss market


By maintaining its high level of investment in its network and IT, Swisscom is enhancing its competitiveness and enabling new growth. The focus is on network expansion with fibre optics and 5G+. Further consolidation and cloudification makes our infrastructure more resilient, flexible and cost-effective.

Residential customers

Swisscom aims to expand its leading market position and value creation in the B2C area. Smart pricing, product, promotion and branding policies are driving customer loyalty. Entertainment, accessories and services are fuelling new growth. New innovative concepts are being applied in sales and support.

Business customers

Swisscom is keen to continue to build on its strong market position in the business customer segment – both in the core telecommunications business by enhancing value differentiation and through further expansion as a leading IT service provider. We want to provide the most reliable solutions in hybrid ICT environments and the best customer experience.


Swisscom will further increase efficiency in its Swiss core business, mainly by simplifying products, platforms and processes and by making the organisation leaner. However, in 2023, inflation, with rising energy prices and higher labour costs, is making it impossible to keep the cost-cutting momentum going after savings in excess of CHF 100 million in each of the last few years.

Analyst Consensus Q2 2023

The analyst consensus (published as of July 7th 2023) reflects averages based on analyst estimates for key financial data received from 26 June to 6 July 2023.

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