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The international Step In university internship at Swisscom (Switzerland) and its DevOps centres in the Netherlands and Latvia enables you to drive forward your own projects independently, gain valuable professional experience and lay the foundations for future career success.

What to expect

As a Step In university intern, you will work on one or several projects for six or twelve months, which you will drive ahead independently. This will enable you to put the knowledge you have gained from your studies directly into practice. The international aspect of this internship will allow you to gain valuable experience and get involved in projects at Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd and its DevOps centres in the Netherlands and Latvia. The international university internship starts on fixed dates at all locations: on 1 September and 1 February.

You will also acquire plenty of knowledge and expertise from other experienced members of the team. In addition, you will gain deep insights into the world of information technology and get to know other areas of the business. You will also get to know other university interns and expand your network at Step In events.

Get ready for the “International Internship Program”

Swisscom’s Vision: “As number 1, we are shaping the future. Together we inspire people in the interconnected world.” To fulfil this vision, we need the best and most committed employees. This is why we established the “International Internship Programme (IIP)” within Swisscom’s DevOps@Software (INI-DOS) business unit.

The following objectives are being pursued:

  • To become a high-performance and cloud-based company, we need the best people;
  • We focus on developing and promoting these employees within our company;
  • We therefore focus on recruiting external talent at junior levels and continuously develop them as they rise to more senior levels;
  • We are establishing a sustainable talent pool for the INI-DOS business unit through the International Internship Programme.

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