Public Affairs

As the Public and Community Affairs team for Switzerland’s largest ICT company, we maintain a constant dialogue with the public. We provide transparent, objective information about our political, economic and social interests.

Policy papers

In the Swisscom policy papers, we comment on controversial issues and document the arguments in support of our preferred solutions.

Facts & Figures

346 million
Swisscom is one of Switzerland’s highest tax payers

Across Switzerland

Ownership structure:
51% owned by the federal government
Total shareholders: 76,168

1.7 billion
infrastructure investments

1.14 billion

dividends paid in 2023

3.4 billion

sales of goods and services


When it comes to the critical infrastructure network, there is always a lot to discuss. security, expansion and availability are just a few of the issues. We publish discussion posts here when they arise.

Data usage is increasing all the time. The mobile network cannot keep pace. Maximising the use of Switzerland’s stringent precautionary values would alleviate the situation considerably and make the networks more robust for the future. Total length of video 03:30 min.


Thomas Karlen, Head of Public Affairs

Thomas Karlen

Head of Public Affairs
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