Ready for sustainable digitisation

Technical innovations are crucial for a sustainable future. Discover how new smart solutions can help achieve the UNO’s sustainability goals. As a member of the global “Digital with Purpose” initiative, we are also driving international change

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Res Witschi, responsible for sustainable digitisation

Sustainable products

Many of our products and services help you to follow a sustainable lifestyle.

Smart pest control

The new assistant in agriculture and forestry

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Alert system for natural hazards

IoT solution protects against natural hazards

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Heating second homes efficiently

Protecting the climate via remote control

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Successful pilot project

A promising next generation

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Environmentally friendly building technology

Intelligently tackling climate change

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Smart building technology

Boosting wellbeing – reducing energy consumption

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Adaptive antennas

Electromagnetic fields to meet requirements

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Fixed Wireless Access

“Fibre optics through the air”

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A smart approach to weeds

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Vertical Farming Growcer

A paradigm shift in vegetable growing

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