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eSIM profile

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Get your eSIM profile and activate it on the latest iPhone devices.

What is an eSIM?

  • The “e” stands for embedded, meaning that the SIM card is integrated into the device and cannot be removed.
  • The manufacturer (such as Apple, Samsung, etc.) installs the eSIM chip directly into the smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.
  • Swisscom subsequently uploads the eSIM profile to the device, including data about the subscription and telephone number etc. This means that a physical SIM card is no longer necessary.
  • In the longer term, the conventional SIM card (mini, micro, nano) will be phased out.

> The SIM card phase-out

The eSIM profile

Until now, subscription information, telephone numbers etc. were contained on the physical SIM card. With the eSIM, this data is uploaded to the device retrospectively. New customers receive their eSIM profile from the Swisscom Shop. Existing customers can also activate the profile online (in the Online Shop or the Customer Center).

If your device does not have the eSIM function, you will use a conventional SIM card.

Tablets or a smartwatches are activated with Multi Device.

Activating an iPhone with eSIM

All iPhones starting from iPhone 11 come with dual SIM functionality. This means that they have an integrated eSIM as well as a SIM card slot into which a nano SIM can be inserted. To activate the eSIM, proceed as follows:


  1. Go to your iPhone settings
  2. Select “Mobile network”
  3. Tap “Add mobile phone tariff”
  4. On the iPhone, scan the QR code supplied by Swisscom


For more information, see the Apple instructions.


If you wish to use the iPhone as an additional device, activate it via Multi Device.

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