The integrated solution relieves SMEs of IT tasks (man stretches)
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Integrated digital solution relieves SMEs of IT tasks

Digitalisation helps SMEs in particular to simplify their processes and make efficiency and productivity gains – if gone about in the right way. The purpose of IT is not to put together as many systems and tools as possible in a complex environment. IT and digitalisation must make everyday work easier rather than more complicated – especially because resources are usually scarce in SMEs and there is a general shortage of IT specialists.

Used correctly, IT can greatly simplify and automate previously manual workflows with digitalised processes, improve efficiency and, ultimately, make work even more enjoyable. SME IT Solution is an all-inclusive package that covers IT infrastructure as well as cloud, network, internet and telephony services. Companies no longer have to grapple with complex IT tasks or get to grips with technical details. The solution also provides modern workstations and a secure, flexibly configurable IT environment from a single source.

Integrated IT solution for SMEs

For individual employees and thus for companies as a whole, the benefits of digitalisation depend on the quality of the workstations and associated IT environment. So that SMEs don’t have to worry about the details of IT, Swisscom has put together its integrated SME IT Solution package that combines all aspects of IT, from devices to network, internet connectivity, telephony and end-to-end security. A powerful cloud platform based on Microsoft Azure is available for business applications and can be combined with other cloud services as required.

The digital workplace with SME IT Solution.

Devices are managed centrally, and security-relevant settings are standardised and always up to date. This means that people can work with the same level of trust wherever they are – in the office, on the shop floor or in a warehouse, from home, a construction site or a moving train.

Competent support and expertise included

In addition to getting a modern and secure infrastructure, the Service Desk is also available for any problems or questions you may have. Your regional Swisscom IT partner guarantees personal on-site support. We also relieve you of the burden of managing suppliers and licences, and provide a central platform for administering tickets, users, subscriptions and services.

What’s more, processes can be simplified and automated without coding thanks to easy-to-use tools such as Microsoft Power Platform. This helps to minimise media discontinuities and errors and to increase efficiency and productivity. In addition, SME IT Solution includes training, with more than 2,500 videos and webinars that convey comprehensive expertise.

Frequently asked questions about SME IT Solution

Does SME IT Solution really include everything?

Yes, this integrated solution for SMEs includes devices, servers, platforms, connectivity and security. As a complete package, SME IT Solution meets all needs from a single source. This is not some inflexible, off-the-shelf solution, however – as a modular offering with numerous options, it can be scaled and individually adapted to each customer.

Does SME IT Solution replace internal IT specialists?

It can, but it doesn’t have to. The solution fully serves SMEs without their own IT team – for this we offer end user support. However, IT specialists can continue to take on tasks in the power user model and receive special administrator permissions. Without the burden of routine tasks, IT staff can focus more on strategic projects within the company.

Can Swisscom help with process digitalisation and automation?

Yes. Swisscom and its partner network can help you make your vision a reality. We analyse needs together with customers, because they have the deepest insight into their processes. Afterwards, we offer support and ask questions about the customer’s needs, current processes and possible improvements. We see ourselves as a critical sounding board in this.

How does SME IT Solution differ from other solutions in terms of security?

As a large company, Swisscom already covers many security parameters and offers customers a high level of security out of the box. Our 24/7 security operations team monitors everything nationally and internationally and responds and intervenes proactively. Many parameters and a lot of know-how have been incorporated into the solution itself, based on our years of experience and skills. And the four components of the solution – IT & cloud, network, internet and telephony – are harmonised in terms of security from an overall perspective and not just in terms of the individual parts.

Can internal servers and other cloud services from Google Cloud, AWS, etc. still be used, or does the solution require a complete migration to the Swisscom environment?

There are two options. You can replace your existing infrastructure and reinstall everything in the Azure or Swisscom Cloud. Or you can continue using your existing systems and services and integrate them as external connections (they are not then managed by Swisscom, but are still securely integrated).

Can we integrate existing devices and buy or rent new ones ourselves?

In principle, yes. Certain system requirements have to be met, for example the operating system must be Windows 10 or later. For tablets and smartphones, the policy is ‘bring your own device’. The equipment is managed using mobile device management with Microsoft Intune.

SME IT Solution

With SME IT Solution, Swisscom has redefined the digital workplace. The flexible overall IT solution combines Microsoft services with network, internet, telephony and security solutions from Swisscom. You benefit from an end-to-end solution and comprehensive service – consulting, configuration, operation, employee training and support.

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