Eine "Registration" bedeutet eine in Zoon registrierte E-Mail-Adresse, welche in der betreffenden Lizenzperiode auf der Plattform einen Buchungsvorgang abgeschlossen hat. Als eine Registration gilt eine An- oder Abmeldung, aber auch eine gelöschte Buchung. Ein Benutzer, der eine entsprechende Event Webseite besucht, ohne den Buchungsprozess abzuschliessen, gilt nicht als "Registration". Die effektive Anzahl Registrationen wird nach dem Event oder abgelaufenem Lizenzjahr festgestellt.

Die Mindestlaufzeit beim Abschluss einer Jahreslizenz beträgt 12 Monate. 

Uns ist wichtig, dass Sie ab dem ersten Tag das volle Potential von Zoon nutzen können. Darum unterstützen wir Sie initial mit der Einführung und Konfiguration der Plattform. Die einmaligen Einrichtungskosten variieren je nach gewähltem Abomodell. Kontaktieren Sie uns für genauere Details.

Video Management Platforms

Professional video content for efficient communication 

Video is playing an increasingly important role in corporate communications. Take the reins yourself and manage all video content for all applications centrally in our video management solution.

Revolutionise your video communication

In corporate communications, online videos are an important tool for sharing content with all target groups and divisions. They are used to showcase the latest products or services, for example, to train employees and to communicate with stakeholders, partners or investors via live stream or webcasts. Only with a professional video platform can you securely store, efficiently present and transparently manage your company’s video content.

Why a video management platform?

Sharing made simple

The video management platform makes the time-consuming sharing of large video files a thing of the past.

Clarity & control

With one central location for all videos, your entire video collection is just one click away. You can also control access rights and remove unwanted ads.

Compliance & data protection

The well-designed video management platform allows compliance guidelines to be adhered to easily and ensures data protection.

Our product, your possibilities

Cloud-based application

Our enterprise video platforms are cloud-based solutions and can therefore be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures. They also support integration with other systems such as CMS, DAM or PMI interfaces (API).

We meet the highest security standards

Numerous security options (SSL encryption, geoblocking, token authentication) maintain the highest security standards, even for sensitive data. Data protection and compliance regulations are adhered to, even for companies with customers abroad.

Seamless integration

Video content can be integrated into existing collaboration tools or used for a wide variety of interactions with customers or employees (e.g. polls, quizzes, comments, likes, etc.).

Content delivery network 

For international companies, secure and stable video is delivered externally via CDN (content delivery network) or internally via eCDN. 
More about eCDN

Added value compared to commercial platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Complete control

You have control over the content, form and delivery of the video content and do not have to relinquish any part of this.

Integration in the intranet 

There are limits on the use of YouTube and similar platforms on the intranet.

Worldwide distribution

Videos can also reach audiences in China and other Asian countries.

Professional presentation

Your professional image can be maintained throughout as videos are always displayed without ads and never appear alongside inappropriate or dubious content.

SEO optimisation 

You can influence the indexing and relevance, guaranteeing SEO optimisation.

Use Cases


Marketing and PR

Live broadcasting

Your contact person