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Professional video content for efficient communication

Corporate videos play an increasingly important role in internal and external communication, both live and on-demand. A central video management system enables the consistent management of all video content for all application scenarios with top quality and security.

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Video is king

Better communication via online videos

Videos convey information and emotions – internally for employees and externally for clients and stakeholders. Online video content is consumed quicker and more easily than any other medium. No wonder that video has become the most popular way of communicating all kinds of content in the business world as well. Companies can communicate efficiently, consistently and safely using the power of images, music and language. The combination of moving images and sound enables complex combinations of instructions and explanations to be conveyed emotionally, effectively and in a short space of time – on the internet and the intranet, live and on demand.

Advantages of a video platform

A professional video platform is the only way to safely store, efficiently provide and easily manage your company’s video content. This allows you to reach your target groups in a targeted and comprehensive manner. Like documents in a document management system, video content can also be managed optimally using a suitable platform.

A professional video platform...

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… is the indispensable basis for efficient, consistent, high-quality corporate video communication. Synchronising with FTP servers, using SharePoint applications, exchanging download links and sending large files are all things of the past.

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... provides an overview of all your video content at all times thanks to centralised administration. This makes it possible to control all your content, fulfilling compliance guidelines and guaranteeing data protection.

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... can be used in many ways. Videos can be shared via streaming, webcasting, on-demand, live events or meetings, and are suitable for a wide range of use cases in marketing, HR, training, communications, etc.

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... makes high-quality, ad-free, safe content available at any time. Videos can be tailored to target groups and shared using individual access rights. The high level of reliability increases confidence in your company, and your reputation does not suffer as a result of a loss of quality.

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... enables video content to be integrated seamlessly into the company’s own infrastructure. With a secure, stable connection, content can be provided on both the internet and intranet without interruption and played to end users with different devices and operating systems.

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Added value compared to YouTube, etc.

YouTube has established itself as the standard platform for publishing videos. Companies around the world use it to reach a large number of people, clients and partners. So why would a company use a professional video platform instead? It's simple: commercial platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. have several significant disadvantages compared to a professional video platform. Enterprise video platforms offer unbeatable added value when it comes to quality, security, flexibility and oversight. YouTube and other public video platforms should therefore only be used as an extension of the company’s own video platform, which should remain the central location for storing, managing and providing all video content.

The disadvantages of YouTube

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Companies have to give up some of their control over the content, form and distribution of their video content.

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YouTube can only be integrated into an intranet to a limited extent.

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Companies operating internationally cannot reach target groups in China and other Asian countries because the content is not available there.

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Advertising on YouTube can disrupt users and diminish your professional image. There is no control over context: videos can appear alongside questionable content.

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Companies have limited influence on indexing and relevance, and hence on SEO optimisation.

Applications for corporate videos

In internal and external corporate communications, online videos are an important tool for communicating content to all target groups and corporate departments. Videos can be used to present the latest products or services, train staff, and communicate with stakeholders, partners or investors via livestreams and webcasts. Making content available to a narrow user group is just as important as the worldwide streaming of an event or town hall meeting, or the publication of mass media content.

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Videos are an efficient and cost-effective training tool. Video content can be used both live and on demand for in-house training courses and corporate learning. New staff can receive video onboarding training following recruitment.

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Marketing and PR

Product and brand videos convey both information and complex issues, and the emotions associated with them, in a catchy and efficient manner. This is particularly important in the sales process, as purchasing decisions are not (only) based on facts, but also on emotions.

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From instructions for clients to those for internal use, for example on the help desk or for the support department: explanations of all kinds can be communicated better through video than any other medium.

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Holding events such as town hall meetings or external investor relations events virtually rather than physically means that you can serve any number of participants around the world, all of whom can enjoy the content with top image and sound quality. Moreover, meetings or webcasts held in a virtual conference room are more efficient than simple audio meetings.

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User-generated content broadens the scope for communicating with customers and employees. Video is particularly important in the social intranet and raises staff retention to a new level.

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Video distribution with Swisscom

With Swisscom, you enjoy all the benefits of a professional video platform – as well as the many valuable functions and services available to Swiss companies.

Swisscom offers various cloud-based solutions that enable the storage, management and display of live and on-demand video content on all types of devices.

With Swisscom as their sole point of contact, companies receive local support at all times – including the services of any partner companies involved.

For companies operating internationally, video can be transmitted securely and stably externally via the CDN (content delivery network) or internally via the eCDN.

As a user of the Swisscom Enterprise video platform, you have full control over your media.

The video management software can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructure and enables videos to be made available on online portals, in the intranet or on social networks without additional software. Integration into other systems such as CMS, DAM and PMI interfaces (API) is supported.

Swisscom is not only responsible for administration and delivery via various channels, but also supports its customers in producing and processing video content and live productions of studio quality.

Various use cases such as video conferencing and virtual conference solutions, live webcasting, on-demand video, livestreaming, etc. are covered.

Video content can be integrated into existing collaboration tools and used for a wide range of interactions with customers or employees (e.g. surveys, quizzes, comments, likes, etc.).

Numerous security options (SSL encryption, geo-blocking, token authentication) ensure that the highest security requirements can be met, even for sensitive data. Data protection and compliance provisions can be fulfilled, especially for companies with clients abroad.

Our partners

Swisscom’s experts have over ten years of project experience with video platforms and work together with the world’s leading partners. The US company Kaltura, one of the world’s largest video management providers, is on board. The German company Movingimage has proven its worth as a valuable partner for Swisscom for many years. JWPlayer, which developed the first open-source video player in 2008, also offers its extensive experience. Together with these three specialised partners, Swisscom can cover all use cases and meet all customer requirements.

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