Security and smart use for indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Prevention, investigation, process optimisation – our intelligent video surveillance systems will keep your property, safe or store shelves secure. And sensor-based video analysis enables you to improve your customers’ shopping experience. 







Intelligent video security solutions and sensor-based analysis

Swisscom Broadcast is a leading Swiss provider of intelligent video surveillance systems and analytics solutions as a service. We support you with a security system tailored to your needs to protect residents, real estate, retail space etc. Thanks to the business intelligence we gain from the metadata of the sensors, you increase your business success and how secure your community feels.  

By using our intelligent video surveillance systems and sensor-based analytics and tracking solutions, you provide the best experience for your customers or citizens.  



State-of-the-art solutions

Intelligent video technology 

With data analysis – for more security and clarity 

In-store analytics

Innovative sensor technology and data analysis – for a better customer experience 

As-a-Service model 

Your project: clear costs with minimum effort. 

With investment protection

Continuous innovation – you benefit from state-of-the-art video surveillance at all times



Local authorities


Blue light organisations

Swisscom – your strong partner

  • We tailor our products to your individual needs and requirements.  

  • Thanks to our IT and cybersecurity expertise, your systems are always secure and at the cutting edge of technology. 

  • Our “as a service” deal lets you reduce your in-house effort to virtually zero and enjoy a comprehensive, worry-free package.  

  • As a general contractor for your security solutions, we can act as your single point of contact. We coordinate cooperation with partners. 

  • We monitor your services around the clock and take any necessary action immediately. 

Our approach 

  • We work with you to design your ideal solution
  • We provide you with expert advice on purchasing the solution or using it as a service. 
  • The installation of your solution is carried out by our specialists throughout Switzerland 
  • You use your new system as a service: we promise minimum effort and transparent costs 
  • Our product innovation manager guarantees use of the most intelligent tools. 

Please call us to arrange a no-obligation consultation. 

Why Swisscom Broadcast? Benefits for you

Data protection

Our cameras deliver the video surveillance data to the cloud, with data stored in Switzerland. We guarantee the highest standards of data protection and data security. 


You benefit from our many years of experience in the field of security solutions. We are experts in operating critical infrastructures – and we’re always on hand to offer advice.

IT and cyber security expertise

We protect your state-of-the-art, intelligent video security and sensor solutions from hackers. Swisscom is the number one ICT partner. 

Proximity to customers

Our specialists work with you to develop a customised security solution and are always close at hand – thanks to our sites throughout Switzerland. 

Frequently asked questions about video surveillance systems 

Video Insider is a modern, privacy-compliant, cloud-based solution with data stored in Switzerland, which is operated in Swisscom’s high-security data centers. The web-based application combines Security Intelligence (SI) with Business Intelligence (BI) on one platform. 

Security Intelligence helps you prevent and investigate cases of burglary, assault, theft and other offences. In the event of an incident, our platform can raise the alarm via e-mail, push notification or SMS, or escalate to a higher-level alerting system. 
Business Intelligence analyses business-relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) from data obtained via sensors and other potential sources. In particular, Video Insider can count visitors, classify them according to gender and age and measure how long they stay, for example in a retail store. This enables you to obtain important information about your customers and their behaviour – improving the efficiency of your processes and the impact of your sales or display area. 

The Video Insider product from Swisscom complies with personal and data protection regulations. Video Insider transfers video data to the Swisscom Data Center for security surveillance purposes. In terms of business intelligence, only metadata is transferred to the Swisscom Cloud. This is because the analysis only runs on one sensor. The images collected by the video surveillance system are immediately converted into metadata – and therefore not stored as images. This means that no personal data is available

The video data is stored and protected in a data center in Switzerland for as long as you choose. It never leaves Switzerland. 

Swisscom Broadcast is not selling infrastructure with Video Insider; it is a service that includes all the system components in a worry-free package.  

You lease the infrastructure with cameras and software, giving you full control over your costs at all times. As a customer you only pay for the service you receive, which depends on the number of functions and cameras/sensors required. Replacement parts, troubleshooting and lifecycle management are included in the service.

Swisscom Broadcast gives you full control over costs and security. The infrastructure with cameras and software is available as a service.                      We take care of  

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Support and updating of hardware and software (lifecycle, guarantee of cyber security)

Our Video Insider product provides the following functions for Security Intelligence:       

  • Intruder detection through intelligent analysis on the camera 
  • Event-related recording on the edge and in the cloud 
  • Customised archiving times (7, 30, 60 days, etc.) 

In terms of Business Intelligence, our service includes the following functions: 

  • People counting 
  • Demographics 
  • Dwell time 
  • Queue management 
  • POS system data integration 

The functions can vary in line with requirements. 

Swisscom Broadcast offers customised solutions for video security and analytics for a wide range of industries. These include local authorities, the retail sector, banks and emergency and rescue services. Swisscom Broadcast’s video surveillance solutions also provide security for visitors, employees and authorities at major events. 

By choosing a video surveillance system from Swisscom Broadcast, you benefit from the following advantages: 

  • Our experts work with you to develop the perfect solution for your requirements and needs. They guide and advise you throughout the entire process – from rollout to ongoing operation of your video surveillance system in Switzerland. 
  • You just have one, single point of contact: Swisscom Broadcast takes care of partner coordination for you. 
  • The video surveillance data is delivered directly to the Swisscom Cloud, which is based in Switzerland. Data security and data protection are our top priority.  
  • We monitor your services around the clock in our Operation Control Center and initiate any action required immediately. 
  • We are an experienced partner at your side – for the solutions business and for operating critical infrastructures. 
  • Our systems are always at the cutting edge of technology. We guarantee you video surveillance systems that use the latest, state-of-the-art technology. 
  •  Our cameras provide data in real time. Intruders or threats are detected immediately. 

Data protection and data security are paramount at Swisscom Broadcast. We guarantee that the data from your Swisscom Broadcast video surveillance systems will be highly secure. All data is stored in Switzerland in the Swisscom Cloud and is fully compliant with all data protection requirements. 

By using a security system perfectly tailored to you and your needs, you are taking preventive action against damage, theft and vandalism. Whether you are responsible for the security of company premises, a construction site, a store, a municipality or a major event: a video security solution from Swisscom Broadcast guarantees maximum security. You also benefit from modern, effective technologies and individual, round-the-clock service. 

Further info on video security

With Video Insider, Swisscom Broadcast combines video intelligence for business and security on one platform. 

Efficient video surveillance solutions from Swisscom Broadcast for public security – modern and customised. 

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