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Video surveillance protection and security

Video Insider is a state-of-the-art customisable video surveillance service from the cloud. It offers a full service solution for monitoring and protecting property and public spaces.

Audio-Video g+m s.a.

Because security is no coincidence

Video Insider, our cloud-based video surveillance system, plays a key role in preventing assault, property damage, theft and other security-related incidents. In the event of a crime, the stored video data can be made available to the authorities easily in compliance with data protection regulations via a secure link with two-step verification.

Using video security solutions at trouble spots in public areas, ATMs and shops is now recognised as an efficient and effective solution: both for prevention, e.g. via automated audio announcements on site, and for any necessary investigations.  

Our video security services let you keep an eye on any potential hot spots 24/7. With access to camera data any time and anywhere, you can also trigger and adapt alarms in real time. The latest generation of cameras are equipped with artificial intelligence for image recognition and can trigger alarms automatically. 

ATM attacks

Fly tipping

Damage to property

Traffic systems

Number plate recognition

Investigative assistance

Videoüberwachung as a Service

Alarm Management

Forwarding to alarm centre: mobile notifications and/or loudspeaker alarm.

Data protection compliance

We guarantee compliance with all data protection regulations.


No sensitive data on the premises. Data transmission is encrypted.

Authorised data access

Role-specific users and every log file access recorded.

A full service solution

Cameras and software are always up to date in the service model.

Swisscom – your strong partner 

  • We tailor our products to your individual needs and requirements. 

  • Thanks to our IT and cybersecurity expertise, your systems are always secure and at the cutting edge of technology.

  • Take advantage of our full service solution and reduce in-house effort to virtually zero. 

  • As a general contractor for your security solutions, we can act as your single point of contact. We coordinate cooperation with partners. 

  • We monitor your services around the clock and take any necessary action immediately. 

Why Swisscom Broadcast

Data storage in Switzerland

Your video data is secure in our data centres. Swisscom operates seven high-availability data centres that meet high security standards. Your data is stored georedundantly and exclusively in Switzerland.

Security contracting

We have many years of experience in video surveillance, access and intrusion control and with fire and evacuation solutions.

24/7 security

All employees are checked by the Federal Department of Defence, Population and Sport – including network experts. Our Swiss-wide organisation can intervene quickly anywhere.

Our approach

  • We define the ideal architecture for your solution together with you 
  • We provide you with expert advice on purchasing the solution or using it as a service (as a rental model). 
  • The installation of your solution is carried out by our specialists throughout Switzerland
  • You decide whether the video system runs on site or in the cloud 
  • Our product innovation manager guarantees use of the most intelligent tools. 
Please call us to arrange a no-obligation consultation. 

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FAQ Video Insider

Video Insider is a cloud-based Video Intelligence as a Service solution, provided and operated as a full-service product by Swisscom Broadcast.

Video Insider helps you prevent and investigate cases of burglary, assault, theft and other offences. In the event of a break-in, our Video Insider product sends an alert message or a signal.

Swisscom Video Insider complies with personal and data protection regulations. Video Insider transfers video data to the Swisscom Data Center for security surveillance purposes.

The video data is stored and protected in a data center in Switzerland for as long as you choose. It never leaves Switzerland.

Swisscom Broadcast sells no hardware with Video Insider – only a service that includes the hardware. You rent the infrastructure, including the cameras and the software, so you always have full control of the costs. As a customer, you only pay for the service you receive, which depends on the number of functions and cameras required.

Swisscom Broadcast gives you full control over costs and security. The infrastructure of cameras and software is available as a service. We take care of:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Support and hardware/software updates.

Our Video Insider product provides the following functions for Security Intelligence:

  • Intrusion detection
  • Event-based recording

The functions can vary in line with the offer at the time.

Swisscom Broadcast offers customised solutions for video security for a wide range of industries. These include local authorities, the retail sector, banks and emergency and rescue services. Swisscom Broadcast’s video surveillance solutions also provide security for visitors, employees and authorities at major events.

By choosing a video surveillance system from Swisscom Broadcast, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Our experts work with you to develop the perfect solution for your requirements and needs. They guide and advise you throughout the entire process – from rollout to ongoing operation of your video surveillance system in Switzerland.
  • You just have one, single point of contact: Swisscom Broadcast takes care of partner coordination for you.
  • The video surveillance data is delivered directly to the Swisscom Cloud, which is based in Switzerland. Data security and data protection are our top priority.
  • We monitor your services around the clock in our Operation Control Center and initiate any action required immediately.
  • We are an experienced partner at your side – for the solutions business and for operating critical infrastructures.
  • We ensure that our expertise and our systems are always at the cutting edge of technology. As a result, we can guarantee you video surveillance systems that use the latest, state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Our cameras provide data in real time. Intruders or threats are detected immediately.

Data protection and data security are paramount at Swisscom Broadcast. We guarantee that the data from your Swisscom Broadcast video surveillance systems will be highly secure. All data is stored in Switzerland in the Swisscom Cloud and is fully compliant with all data protection requirements.

By using a security system perfectly tailored to you and your needs, you are taking preventive action against damage, theft and vandalism. Whether you are responsible for the security of company premises, a retail shop, a local authority, a construction site or a major event, a video security solution from Swisscom Broadcast guarantees maximum security. You also benefit from modern, effective technologies and individual, round-the-clock service.

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