In focus

We cut our mobile termination rates

On 1 January 2017, we’re cutting mobile termination rates for Salt, Sunrise and Swisscom Mobile networks by almost half. The price for mobile termination with Salt and Sunrise will be CHF 0.043/min and just CHF 0.031/min for Swisscom Mobile.

Compared with the current price of CHF 0.0735/min for Salt and Sunrise, and CHF 0.0595/min for Swisscom, this is a significant price reduction.


New B2B interface for Carrier Line and Carrier Ethernet services

  We can now offer you a B2B interface that makes processing quotes and orders for Carrier Line and Carrier Ethernet services simple.

Your order system will be linked to our IT system. Each work step is processed directly between the systems, from the first price enquiry to go-live, and every step in between is completely transparent, making information exchange easier and more efficient. This replaces current communication by email and telephone, but of course you can always contact one of our employees whenever you wish, just as before.

After the service is live, the entire inventory of active Carrier Line and Carrier Ethernet services can be viewed at any time. That means that you, the customer, always have the same information to hand that we do.


The future belongs to All IP

Have you already migrated your customers to IP? If not, it’s high time! Take a proactive approach to migration by offering your customers forward-thinking IP-based solutions, such as BBCS Naked or VoIP interconnection. To date, more than 65% of all Swisscom customers have migrated and more than half of cross-network traffic flows through VoIP interconnection.

New and amended orders for BBCS Shared will no longer be possible after 1 November 2016. BBCS Shared will be available only until late 2017, when TDM is scheduled to replace it.

Switching services means greater value creation for you – with the Swisscom landline connection no longer required, you can offer your end customers a fully integrated service.
With no carrier pre-selection and your own VoIP service, your customers will no longer require an affiliation agreement with Swisscom. This puts the customer relationship completely in your hands.

We are happy to help you, so contact us at any time.


Easy payment with mobile bills, now also with Apple

How would you like to pay? This question on the checkout page is key for digital purchases: the easier and more secure the payment, the better. For operators of an online shop or app, the mobile bill payment method is a particularly interesting option. With NATEL® Pay, every Swisscom mobile subscriber can make online purchases securely and quickly.

And now you can use NATEL® Pay for Apple payments – in the App Store, iTunes, iBooks and Apple Music. One of the reasons Apple decided to use NATEL® Pay was the opportunity it offered to reach customers without credit cards.

Add NATEL® Pay to your payment options and profit from an ideal checkout page with complete, mobile-optimised checkout template that you can adapt to your needs. It’s a great way to increase your conversion rate – turn visitors to your website into purchasers from your web store. What’s more, Swisscom will support you with communication channels, both its own and external, to win new customers for your business. 


From 1 May: MEF CE 2.0-certified Carrier Ethernet Service

We laid the foundations for the Carrier Ethernet Service (CES) over ten years ago. Today, we have around 5,000 associated services – a resounding success. As of 1 May, it is now possible to order Version 3.0 of the MEF CE 2.0-certified Carrier Ethernet Services. This makes Swisscom the first Swiss service provider to have this certification. Customers can benefit from the new range of expanded service types, an end-to-end SLA and bandwidths of up to 10 Gbps. The new CES 3.0 will be available on the MPLS VPLS backbone, based on Cisco technology. For further technical details, please consult the product brochure on the website. Together with the launch of the new CES 3.0 range, Swisscom Wholesale is also reducing the commercial prices of all Ethernet bandwidths for CES and the Carrier Line Service (CLS) as of 1 June. The CES 3.0 range has been supplemented to include the cost-efficient Low-End-Copper (LEC) access, which costs up to 40% less than the CES 3.0 High-End-Fiber (HE). The current contract documents can be found here.


Further price reductions for BBCS

As of 1 June, we’ll be reducing prices once more. High bandwidth profiles in particular will benefit considerably from the price reductions. The 1-Gbps symmetrical profile, for example, will be reduced by more than 50%. Asymmetrical bandwidths with 10:1 and 5:1 profiles are now the same price. This means you can offer your customers double the upload speed, without having to pay more to Swisscom Wholesale. The cap values have also been increased again, meaning that Swisscom Wholesale is taking the steady increase in traffic into account and supporting the outsourcing of TV services to the cloud. Current contract documents are available here. 


Process improvements for ALO

With Access Line Optical (ALO) we offer you the option of leasing individual fibre-optic cables throughout the Swisscom FTTH network in order to connect to your customers from our connection hub. We have continuously optimised the order handling process over the past few months. Therefore, you can benefit from automated processes across Switzerland, which make it easier to order, manage and resolve your fibre access. This applies to new orders as well as relocations and provider changes. Current process handling of ALO is therefore equivalent to that of copper. And your customers will benefit from simpler, more efficient handling as well: orders will be carried out in good time and, thanks to automated processes, activation times will be kept to a minimum too. Do you want to find out more about ALO or place an order? Contact us directly.


Customer satisfaction

126 people took part in the latest customer satisfaction survey and provided Swisscom Wholesale with their valuable input. On a scale of 1 to 10, overall customer satisfaction was a pleasing 8.6 (compared to 8.3 in the prior year). One factor that has made a significant contribution towards this improvement is the focus on quality and processes relating to our fibre products. Another is the targeted approach we have taken to address customer-specific problem factors. We have been able to reduce these known “pain points” by 28% compared with the previous year. The average recommendation rate of 8.7 (previous year: 8.4) encourages us to stay on the ball and to continuously optimise our products, services and processes. Do you have any questions about the survey or would like to send us feedback? We look forward to hearing from you.