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NATEL® Pay - That's the way to pay

Almost a million registered customers are already using NATEL® Pay (direct carrier billing). Come join us in the world of the digital payment transaction systems. Benefit from our long-standing partnerships and increase your turnover significantly with minimal effort.
We offer you and your customers a broad range of digital and physical product solutions in a wide range of areas.

Together with leading service partners, we will take you to the future of digital payment transaction systems with NATEL® Pay.


Ordering BBCS on a predecessor line made easy


BBCS Pre-order - Self-install brought to the next level

For lines in buildings that are already Swisscom ready, the BBCS Pre-order is the simplest form of ordering. By using it, you save yourself complex and tedious line clarifications.

You simply place your pre-order with BBCS for the desired address and receive a pre-order activation code.

Your end customer then has 60 days to start operating their connection. To do this, they only need their modem, a PC/tablet or mobile phone and the activation code, which they have to enter the first time they access the Internet.

From there it's just a matter of minutes, and your order is concluded directly on the customer connection with no line identifications on your part.


Predecessor database – For buildings that are not yet Swisscom ready

For some buildings, however, a predecessor line identification will always be necessary.

In order to greatly simplify these clarifications, we have created the predecessor database, in which providers make additional information mutually on the connection identification available on the basis of the predecessor information.

In this way you avoid expensive and tedious clarifications on site in most cases, and you can clearly identify the line predecessor via the name or the VoIP number.


New functions in the Wholesale Portal

Wholesale Portal

The Wholesale Portal offers you various options and online access to your services and products from Swisscom Wholesale.


What is new?

Data Services

  • You can now store results from price queries and call them up again anytime at a later time. 
  • In addition, you can request several options in an offer request (such as different contract durations or bandwidths) for the same location and have the results displayed in a single offer. 


Contact management

  • The point of contact list is going electronic. You can maintain your contact data independent of Excel lists and e-mail requests online and also find your most important Swisscom contacts – always up-to-date in the Wholesale Portal.



  • IYour entire inventory is online. You can call it up at any time, apply for any accesses and view the most up-to-date situation plans.



  • The new video tutorials are available starting immediately and replace the old handbooks. 
  • For example, they show you how to submit a price query for data services in the new Wholesale Portal. The tutorials are constantly updated; you will find them in the "Training” unit.


You will receive further information at a later time - stay tuned!


High stability and availability for CES

The migration of all Carrier Ethernet Services (CES) to the newest platform will be concluded shortly. Accordingly, your services will benefit from very high availability and stability.

When it comes to new orders, the bandwidths are now also scalable up to 10 Gbit/s, and the service availabilities are increased end-to-end.

With CES Light, you now also have an economical low-end access product at your disposal.