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Our new Wholesale Portal: faster, better and easier to use!

Wholesale Portal

We will soon be launching our new Wholesale Portal.

The following functions will therefore be available from summer, which will make it easier for you to support your customers:
  • Query the availability of data products, check prices and delivery times in real time
  • Create and manage offer requests and orders directly
  • Check the availability of glass or copper in real time at the desired locations
  • Maintain an overview of orders and the current status of deadlines and appointments at any time
  • Simple access to your installed base whenever you need it

And that's not all; we've got a lot more goodies for you! Additional functions are currently being developed and will be added to the Wholesale Portal on an ongoing basis. For example, you will be able to create Service Assurance Tickets directly and check the ticket status at any time. You will also be able to carry out upgrades independently and view all important items of information on your services simply and quickly via your personal dashboard.


Good to know:

  • if you already have an account, you don't have to do anything. You will benefit automatically from the updates as soon as they are activated
  • All portal functions will also be available for B2B connections
  • You don't need to invest in your own GUI/portal
  • The portal is available around the clock


The results of the customer satisfaction survey have arrived!

Customer Satisfaction

The latest survey was also a complete success. Many thanks for your participation! 

  • Response rate 32%
  • Participants 119
  • Overall satisfaction level 8.4
  • Recommendation rate 8.6


We have of course noticed that, although the values are still very high, they are nevertheless slightly below those of last year. Our aim is to improve continuously, which is why we have already defined various measures. Significant focus will be placed on the digitisation of our processes, to improve simplicity and transparency.


Overview of the measures:

  • introduction of a new process for the product KK FMG (regulated cable ducts), which will enable a larger number of projects to be planned.
  • With regard to our fibre access products, BBCS-F and ALO, you will now be able to arrange an appointment with a technician directly, for example, or identify faults more efficiently. What's more, there will be more transparency in the Assurance process as well as other possibilities that will help you to provide your customers with better support.
  • The introduction of a redesigned portal for our data products will simplify order processes and make it easier for you to create trouble tickets. Find out more -> Link to Wholesale Portal News

Your satisfaction is important to us! - We are convinced that these measures will provide you with specific improvements.


IoT has now become an everyday thing - thanks to the Low Power Network (LPN)

Internet of things

We are living in a networked world: machines, vehicles, lifts, oil tanks and many other things now communicate automatically with one another, and thus provide more efficiency and security. It will also become a matter of course for everyday things like letterboxes, waste bins, bikes or shoes to be "connected" in future.

The Swisscom Low Power Network is a complementary network, which is based on the open LoRaWAN industry standard It has been designed especially for IoT applications, which send small amounts of data. 


The resulting benefits will enable a huge amount of new M2M networks and digital applications to be developed for the mass market. In short, LPN generates a huge amount of potential – not least because of the existing, real ecosystem and high level of autonomy.

We are currently checking customer demand for a corresponding wholesale offer. 


More security for your systems and facilities with the new access badges

Swisscom is implementing new security standards and therefore introducing a new access system. With the new system, all access readers in Swisscom buildings will be replaced with new readers. This upgrade also includes new access badges. After a successful test phase, all persons who access Swisscom buildings will be provided with a new badge, which meet the latest security standards.


What does this mean for you?

  • With the new system and the new badges, all facilities and systems in Swisscom buildings will be better protected against unauthorised against.
  • The new, personal badges will be distributed in June. All you need to do is return the old badge as soon as you receive the new one.
  • All access rights from the old badge will be added to the new one.

Will anything else change?

The processing time for creating a new badge will be reduced massively. We will therefore be able to deal with your requests more quickly, and you will benefit from faster delivery of new badges.

You will receive individual information on the replacement of the badges soon.



More speed now with the Fritz!Box

The Fritz!Box 7582 for VDSL and has been certified successfully! In addition to VDSL with vectoring, it also supports Dual-band WLAN (AC+N with 1.300 MBit/s + 450 MBit/s) and 4x Gigabit LAN are also possible. They also include a DECT base station for telephones and Smart Home applications. You and your customers can therefore now look forward to bandwidths of up to 500 Mbit/s. in regions.