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Swisscom Wholesale Portal Extended


In the Wholesale Portal you can already handle all of your DATA business directly - from the initial price inquiry to the final order offer.

Thanks to the complete end2end integration, you receive complete transparency about your orders and also have access to your entire installed base at Swisscom.  

We are now making it easier for you to enter your data during the tender process by entering your product configuration in our system, which you can then call up in the Wholesale Portal as "MyProduct". Your advantage is that you no longer have to click through the various options if you don't want to.

You can also release your current and previous invoices together with enclosures on the Wholesale Portal: clear, easy to find and easy to download.

All of this means additional benefit for efficient digital collaboration.

Another option that is available for you:

  • You can report faults online at any time and retrieve status information
  • News about current troubleshooting activities is sent to us on a continual basis
  • Identified faults are also displayed with the possibility of tracking them.


Using robots speeds up troubleshooting

Since the introduction of robotics for processing fault messages, over 96% of the reported fault tickets have been correctly identified and allocated.

Automatic validation prevents faults from being searched for in the wrong place due to incorrect fault codes or incorrect units being commissioned to rectify faults. This prevents unnecessary additional analyses while shortening throughput times.

In the past three months, the average processing time was accelerated by 20%.

We are very pleased about this and are still working hard to ensure the robot can even take care of code assignment for you so that fault reporting becomes even easier in the future.

Direct Internet Access (DIA) – Flexible layer 3 service with high availability

Wholesale Portal

Not long now. DIA, a flexible layer 3 service with high availability, will be available from March 2020.

You will be able to submit availability queries, standard orders and assurance orders at any time via the Wholesale Portal and B2B API using our first all-digital product in the Data Portfolio.

What's more, the Premium Silver SLA with a guaranteed availability of 99.95% ensures maximum reliability on the Swisscom network.

With four different configuration options and a managed CPE, DIA provides the greatest possible flexibility for your specific customer requirements.

Five bandwidth profiles, as well as optional IP addresses and on-site installation by Swisscom, are further convincing arguments in favour of DIA.

Have we awakened your interest? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions

Amazon Prime Video

Wholesale Portal

Since the 20th of August, all Swisscom Mobile customers have been able to pay for a membership in the video-on-demand service Amazon Prime Video using their mobile phone bills.

In order to make this possible, Wholesale OTT has created the landing page, on which Swisscom mobile customers can quickly and easily register with their NATEL number so billing can be carried out via a Swisscom pre-paid or post-paid mobile contract.

Amazon Prime Video customers get unlimited streaming for thousands of movies and TV series. Membership can be terminated at any time in the Swisscom Customer Center. Membership includes many of the latest series such as Good Omens, The Grand Tour, You Are Wanted, award-winning Prime Originals such as American Gods and The Man in the High Castle, as well as new movie releases and current TV series.

Amazon Prime Video can be used with many end devices such as smart TVs, games consoles, smartphones and tablets. The Amazon Prime Video app will soon be available on Swisscom TV as well. 

With Swisscom NATEL® Pay (Direct Carrier Billing), all Swisscom Mobile customers can make purchases and pay conveniently and securely via their NATEL® invoices.

With our Carrier Billing solution, we offer a modern payment method for all eCommerce companies.

Visit our NATEL® Pay website and find out how you and your customers can benefit from this very simple and secure mobile payment solution.