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Swisscom Wholesale drops ALO and BBCS prices

This year you can also look forward to lower prices at ALO and BBCS.

As well as lowering the prices for almost all BBCS profiles, we are also giving you the upstream in symmetrical bandwidths. This means that you will get them at the same price as the asymmetrical ones. Thanks to increased CAP values, you will also benefit from more inclusive volumes. We have lowered the price for ALO yet again, to CHF 27.00.

If you would also like to offer your end customers first-class services based on our connection products, then this is the right time to do it!

Faster and simpler - with our Wholesale Customer Portal


Wholesale Portal – Your online access to personalised services

The Wholesale Customer Portal makes things a lot easier for you as a customer.
For data services you can simply and quickly query prices and availability online, at any time. You can also process offers and orders online.

Further improvements will follow in the next few months. In future, individual product configurations for the quotation queries will be possible, which will make your work even easier.

Recently, the entire contact management solution for Swisscom Wholesale became available on our Customer Portal, which means you can now manage your contacts online.

That’s far from all, however. By the end of 2019 you will also be able to view and manage your invoices online. You will find graphs and statistics to help you in evaluating the data.

You will also be able to submit tickets directly within the Wholesale Portal and report faults at the push of a button.

Are you already using the Wholesale Customer Portal? If not, we will be happy to set up the access for you.


New opportunities in ticket processing with the use of Robotics

Wholesale Portal

Robotics open up new opportunities in further optimising processing speeds and the quality of ticket processing.


Use of robotics in ticket processing for copper connections

If you report a fault today, you yourself must assign it a specific fault code. This is decisive in determining the cause of the fault (e.g. "no signal" or "no connection" etc.). Due to the complexity of the system landscape, this assignment is not that easy, as more than 40% of the selected fault codes turned out to be inaccurate.

Incorrect fault codes lead to a fault being searched for in the wrong place initially, or the wrong Swisscom unit being tasked with the fault repair. Both lead to unnecessary, additional analyses and increase throughput times.


Correct assignment of fault tickets using robotics

To assign fault codes correctly, we rely on help from robotics. After the fault report arrives, they check whether the selected codes apply and correct them automatically where necessary, based on a stored set of rules and the latest measurement data.

The success of this is clear to see. Since the introduction of robotics, over 96% of all fault reports have been correctly identified and assigned. However, that's still not enough for us.

We are working to ensure that the robot can also take care of code assignment for you, so that fault reporting becomes even easier in the future.

Customer survey results

Your opinion is important! Only through constant exchange and your constructive feedback can we further optimise our products and services and provide you with a great customer experience.

We would therefore like to thank the 111 people who took part in our latest customer satisfaction survey:
We are pleased that the overall satisfaction and recommendation rates of 8.2 and 8.4 on a scale of 1 to 10 remained very positive. Furthermore, we were able to significantly reduce the individual dissatisfaction points (so-called pain points) by 19%.

We are staying on task to eliminate further vulnerabilities, and will be also driving digitisation forward and adding more functionalities to our portal.

New information channel for IT incidents - SBInfo replaces ISP Info

Wholesale Portal

We already keep you informed of infrastructure faults via SBInfo. This information automatically includes start, update and end messages.

All customers who have already subscribed to the ISP information channel will also be informed about IT faults via SBInfo.

With SBInfo you benefit from the following improvements:

  • Faster information on disruptions to the respective service
  • Subscription channel enables automatic delivery
  • Regular update messages
  • Automated end messages after troubleshooting
  • Better recognition value via a uniform information channel


What do you need to do to get SBInfo?

If you have previously been receiving ISP information, you don’t need to do anything. You will automatically receive SBInfo from 1 May, 2019.

You can of course also subscribe to the SBInfo channel if you have not previously been receiving any information.