Order FTTH optical fibre connections for ultra-fast bandwidths

Swisscom plans to double optical fibre coverage – compared with 2019 levels – in households and businesses with FTTH by the end of 2025. Some 50 – 60% of all flats and businesses will then be able to use bandwidths of up to 10 Gbps.

If your end customers would like to shorten the waiting period, from 2 November they can trigger FTTH on-demand orders with a corresponding cost participation for their buildings already fitted with FTTS.


To do so, building owners can contact Swisscom and order connection of their buildings via optical fibre directly from Swisscom.


The level of cost participation depends on the individual conditions as well as the number of flats/other usable units in the building.


As soon as the optical fibre socket involved (OTO) has been installed and connected to the network, you can procure BBCS or DIA as usual in the desired configuration for your end customers.