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For international company websites, data security and high transmission speeds are essential.

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Why CDN & Edge Security?

With our content delivery network (CDN) and Edge Security solution, you don’t have to compromise on security or performance. What’s more, it seamlessly adapts to your existing application infrastructure,
offering maximum flexibility.


App & API Security –Today's Challenges and Best Practices

March 7th 2024

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Advantages of a CDN solution
from Swisscom 


Long load times are toxic for your business. With a CDN, you can leverage edge computing to accelerate the performance of your web application near end users and reduce unnecessary access to your infrastructure and databases.


A CDN gives you a remote, real-time overview of all user and endpoint activity, allowing you to respond to critical events at lightning speed and comprehensively protect your business. With the CDN absorbing peak loads, you can easily plan and budget for IT infrastructure scaling as required. 

Individual solution 

With Swisscom Managed Services as a strategic partner, customers receive expert advice and custom solutions for Cloud Security, multi-CDN strategies and individually tailored concepts at attractive conditions.

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