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Maritime communication

Maritime Communication

Connecting the high seas

If you’re on the high seas for weeks at a time, you need communication technology you can rely on. We provide everything from data on coordinates and weather to crew mail, to ensure your freight shipping fleet is never out of reach – even when it’s in the middle of nowhere.

Maritime communication is the backbone of every fleet. With the Maritime Communication service from Swisscom Broadcast, you always have your head above water – whether you operate freight ships or fishing vessels.  Maritime radio is a simple and secure solution for data communication across all seven seas.

HF communication solution for freight shipping

We’ll never leave you high and dry. With Swisscom Broadcast, you can communicate via HF, satellite or GSM networks, depending on the system availability and the amount of data you need to transmit. Our intelligent system automatically selects the most effective communication medium, so you benefit from a comprehensive service that won’t cost you the earth. Swisscom Broadcast collaborates with coastal radio stations all over the world, so that it can provide a round-the clock comprehensive service for a wide range of applications.

Factsheet Maritime Communication (PDF, 708 kB)
World map with HF coastal radio stations (PDF, 92 kB)


Bernradio coastal radio station

Swisscom Broadcast operates Bernradio, a global coastal radio station. We work together with various independent HF coastal radio stations on every continent to guarantee worldwide HF coverage.


In exceptional circumstances such as a satellite failure, Bernradio is obliged to maintain shortwave connections with ships bearing the Swiss flag, as well as other vessels. Bernradio was established in 1922 under the name Marconi Radio Station AG.


It was originally set up as a news channel to guarantee independent communication for Switzerland. This became particularly important during the Second World War in maintaining the security of supplies to the country. Bernradio secured an independent communication channel with Switzerland’s offshore supply vessels.


The Swiss Federal Office for National Economic Supply (FONES) relies on the services of Swisscom Broadcast: since 2009 we have been running the Bernradio global coastal radio station, ensuring that even in times of crisis the country is supplied with a reliable secure communication system to maintain economic stability.


The following shipping companies use Swisscom Broadcast’s Maritime Communication service.

  • ABC Maritime AG
  • Enzian Ship Management AG
  • Massoel SA
  • Mega Chemicals Schiffahrt AG
  • Reederei Zürich AG
  • Suisse-Atlantique Societé de Navigation Maritime S.A.


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