• Data

    An increasingly interconnected, data-driven world

Carrier Data Services are the key building blocks for deployment of local, regional or global interconnected data networks.

Whether you are a telecom service provider acting in a retail capacity needing to access remote branch offices, a cloud service provider needing to deliver secure business-class cloud-based applications to businesses, or a mobile network operator needing to backhaul mobile traffic, Swisscom’s Carrier Data Services offers carrier-grade delivery of managed Layer 2 (CES) and Layer 1 (CLS) services to meet your business needs.

Success story

Our Carrier Data Services footprint reaches +10’000 installed services over 100 customers across Switzerland.

We continuously invest to improve our services and processes, ensuring delivery of best-in-class products and solutions.

This extensive footprint allows Swisscom to fully understand the evolving business needs.


Swisscom Carrier Data Services enables the purchase of bandwidth, interface and quality of service appropriate for any given business application.