The police radio network

Our customer solutions combine the highest security standards with customised adaptability.

Ready for the future: Swisscom Broadcast plans, constructs and operates secure, intelligent communications solutions for the emergency and rescue services (BORS). Our customers benefit from our highly specialised expertise and long-standing experience in the solutions business and in running critical infrastructures.

Planning, network construction, maintenance and monitoring

Swisscom Broadcast constructs and maintains high-availability networks and ensures a smooth operation with individual organisations, working with the engineering department or the decentralised field force throughout Switzerland, for example. We will test and optimise your installations and supply all the equipment you need to operate your systems smoothly. We will also train your employees.


We undertake the necessary repairs, maintenance work and system updates with the organisation of any spare-parts logistics. Our Operation Control Center (OCC) in Bern can monitor your network and access your installation, providing round-the-clock operational reliability.

POLYCOM – the Swiss security radio network

POLYCOM lets police, army, fire and rescue services communicate securely and without interruption. Swisscom Broadcast is the Swiss market leader in the construction, operation and maintenance of POLYCOM.


In recent years, we have set up several complete police radio networks. We continue to be the POLYCOM maintenance partner for fifteen cantons. Swisscom Broadcast has also been responsible for maintaining the network for the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security FOCBS since 2011. Our experience in planning, constructing and operating POLYCOM means we have extensive technical expertise in providing mission-critical solutions.


From TDM to IP: backbone migration

Data communication is becoming increasingly mission critical and complements conventional voice communication. New IP-based applications are being rolled out and merging with the existing technologies in use.


To create a cost-effective, secure solution, standard products are being combined with specific solutions for the emergency and rescue services (BORS). To ensure that the necessary bandwidths and interfaces are available to the new services, the backbone also needs to be renewed. Conventional TDM interfaces and IP interfaces both need to be available during migration to the POLYCOM environment. Swisscom Broadcast provides a flexible, scalable solution to this.

PIM fault rectification for POLYCOM networks

POLYCOM is known to be an extremely reliable radio system for the security industry. Nevertheless, the antenna systems on which POLYCOM is dependent can demonstrate undesirable non-linear behaviour. This is a result of reflections and interference in the antenna systems, known as passive intermodulation (PIM). In addition to performing PIM measurements, Swisscom Broadcast employs specially trained high frequency experts to return the performance of the affected antenna installations to the expected values.


PIM fault rectification for POLYCOM networks (German)
Factsheet PIM (PDF, German)  
Services and prices PIM (PDF, German)



The ALTRAVIS alarm tracking and visualisation system offers users of the Swiss POLYCOM security radio network a unique intelligent network management system. The switch from TDM to IP technology will change user behaviour. New IP-based applications are combined with traditional voice communication systems. ALTRAVIS can be used in the migration phase and paves the way for secure, intelligent communication in the future.


ALTRAVIS – Alarm Tracking and Visualization (PDF)


Public Safety LTE

With the advance of digitisation, the exchange of critical data must be safeguarded at all times, particularly for the emergency and rescue services (BORS). They require a secure, high-availability mobile network. Interaction between a public and a dedicated LTE network has proved itself to be the optimal solution for a Public Safety LTE network.


Available services

The NATEL® go Public Safety Data option for the emergency and security organisations (BORS) ensures data traffic with the highest available priority in the Swisscom 4G mobile network and the user’s own PS LTE network. The Public Safety Voice option offers voice prioritisation in all Swisscom mobile networks. Both options are 5G-enabled.


This allows us to provide the emergency and security organisations with a solution to meet their current needs and support them in the next phases of their development.


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