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You can find the latest news about gaming and esports on Twitter.


Follow the group stages of the Swisscom Hero League in the games Clash Royale and Counter Strike : Global Offensive live in the stream.

From 15.09., the League of Legends quater and semifinals will also be broadcasted.


Ready for best gaming experiences.

You want to stream, game and download new games at the same time? Experience e-sports live on TV? Pay for the latest games via your mobile phone bill? Our product world offers all this and much more.

Finally, the Swisscom Gaming Cup feat. Fortnite goes into the next round. Qualify for the final, which will be broadcast live on HeroFest’s Twitch channel on 02.10.2021. You can win a total of CHF 6,180 in prize money.

Esports at Schools

Swisscom is now offering Swiss schools a ‘Gaming and esports’ course in which pupils can develop their gaming knowledge and skills. The course is a major addition to Swisscom’s support for the gaming sector at the start of the fifth season of the Swiss Hero League.

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You can find the latest news about gaming and eSports on Twitter.