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With Swisscom Broadcast’s physical and digital security solutions, you are fully protected in both everyday and crisis situations. From consulting to operation, we provide a full-service solution of innovative products, software and services that are individually tailored to your needs.


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Content delivery and edge security

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Communication in a crisis

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Patrik Heierli
Interim Head of Safety and Security Solutions


Switzerland blackout

Keep your critical infrastructure running in a crisis. Whether you are facing a power outage or need to protect your IT infrastructure, our high-availability security and communication networks are there to help you through any emergency or crisis situation.

  Edge Security and Zero Trust
  Security and emergency radio networks

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Natural disaster

Climate change is increasing the frequency of extreme precipitation, mudslides and landslides. Such events are unpredictable and can wreak major damage. With an early flood warning system using sensors or video surveillance, you can protect lives.

  Flood warning
  Video security
  Drone applications
  Security and emergency radio

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High-security event

Events with high security requirements require a special infrastructure: high-performance fibre-optic cables and servers are just as important as a zero trust security model, radio communication, video surveillance or drone defence.

  Video security
  Drone defence
  Edge Security and content delivery network
  Private and security radio

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Why Swisscom Broadcast


24/7 availability

Our Switzerland-wide organisation can intervene quickly anywhere and is always available for maintenance and support.



Our employees are certified experts and have all passed the DDPS personnel security screening.


Data storage in Switzerland

We operate seven high-availability data centres that meet all security standards. Your data is stored georedundantly in Switzerland.

A full-service solution
from a single source

We devise a state-of-the-art solution architecture around your company’s security and digitisation strategy.

We swiftly provide the defined solution or develop it further, selecting, installing and configuring hardware and software components. Interfaces are set up and everything is connected to the necessary networks.

We set up access and user rights, train users and assume responsibility for maintaining your solution and keeping it up to date.

Our Switzerland-wide organisation and our Operation Control Center are available to you 24/7 for maintenance and support.