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Smart City: Methodology for successful transformation

Six Steps to Successfully Transform Your City

In our first report, "Smart City: Essentials for City Leaders", we presented a specific definition what is a smart city, four reasons why cities want to become smart and the Smart City Piano, a tool with which cities can analyze the implementation success of their smart city projects.

This study builds upon this first research and presents a six steps methodology that cities across the globe can apply to successfully transform themselves into smart cities. The six steps include:


  • Determine your starting point
  • Identify your objectives
  • Define a set of projects
  • Assess the likelihood of each project’s implementation success
  • Assess the impact of each project
  • Select the most promising projects

With the help of this six-step methodology, cities can transform themselves by identifying and selecting the smart city projects that have the highest chance of implementation success and the highest impact.

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