16. March 2022, 11-11:45 (Webinar in English)

Cloud Application Modernization – Best Practices

What you can expect

  • Learn what is cloud application modernization and its benefits
  • Learn typical cloud application modernization patterns
  • Learn best practices for cloud application modernization


Live on

16. March

11:00 Uhr

Do you have applications targeted for modernization? Or, you don't have applications targeted for modernization yet, but for at least one application you can answer with YES at most of the following questions:

  1. Your application's workloads and requirements for availability and scalability are constantly forcing you to invest in more infrastructure resources?
  2. Your development and release cycle are slow and bringing fixes, new features, mandatory requirements is costing a lot of time and efforts?
  3. In addition to that, your development and deployment process is only partially or not at all automated and the manual efforts for integration, build, test, and deployment are increasing over time?
  4. The quality of the application is declining with each release and it is becoming very difficult to identify/reproduce critical issues?
  5. Your user experience is poor and critical enhancements are just not feasible?

«The first step towards modernization is to define, which application you will be targeting. Knowing the best practices and considerations for cloud application modernization will help you succeed at the end of your modernization journey»

In this webinar…

We'll cover what exactly cloud application modernization is about, what are the drivers for it and what are the typical application modernization patterns in the cloud context. Then we will deep dive into our customer case by showing the best practices, some concrete examples of the patterns that were applied in the Azure Cloud and the lessons learned during this project

  • "Legacy applications hold back the business initiatives. By modernizing them, you can realise the best business value of the application."

    Vijay Betigiri
    Senior Cloud Architect, Swisscom

  • "The main purpose of this webinar is to bring clarity into the process of an application modernization. Ideally we would encourage customers and the community in general to take the first step."

    Nadia Yépez Ccanto
    Solution Manager – Application Development

  • «We fully support our customers on their individual journey into the (Microsoft) cloud»

    Andreas Schmid
    Principal Product Manager


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