• Recording: Governance for Microsoft Teams

You are rolling out Microsoft Teams? What is your plan for governance?

Microsoft Teams is the hub to access Microsoft 365 teamwork services. As more organizations adopt Microsoft Teams on an enterprise scale, strategic planning, training and governance are the key to ensure a successful rollout. It is important to understand how governance decisions may impact the communication and collaboration in your company and will simplify the steps you will need to take in the future. Whether you are already actively using Microsoft Teams or in the process of rolling it out, you should never forget about governance.


In this webinar…

We will discover which governance best practices should be implemented when deploying Teams. You will learn what decisions need to be made regarding internal Teams creation process, naming convention, external access, approved apps, classification and lifecycle management.


Join us for this webinar to learn understand how to implement a governance on Microsoft Teams, keep control over your Teams and have the best possible communication and collaboration in your company.


  • Expert

    «Microsoft Teams is not Skype, you really need to think about governance before you start using it»

    Clément Comte

    Microsoft 365 Consultant


  • Moderator

    "We help our customers in their individual journey to the (Microsoft) Cloud."

    Andreas Schmid

    Principal Product Manager


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