Preliminary discussion Robotic Process Automation

Cumbersome, repetitive standard processes are the order of the day in most companies and there's plenty of potential for optimisation. With robotic process automation – or RPA for short – such tasks can be automated simply and effectively.


Would you like to find out more about robotic process automation and evaluate possible RPA projects in your company? Then take the first step now and discuss possible RPA projects in your company with our experts. 

What we offer you in the preliminary discussion


After the discussion you will understand what RPA means and what opportunities and benefits it can offer your company.

You will have identified business processes that can be automated by RPA.

You will have received specific recommendations and know the possible next steps.

Target group The preliminary discussion is aimed at companies with 50 or more employees and individuals at the CXO level.
Duration and costs

Ca. 2 hours, the offer is free of charge.

Appointment date

After your non-binding registration, an RPA expert will contact you by telephone to arrange an appointment.

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