Record opportunities and trends in digital banking at an early stage with e-foresight

The banking market is in a state of transition, new technologies are enabling new business processes and models, and new competitors are penetrating the market.

Constant trend watching and ongoing market research help with recognising opportunities and risks at an early stage.

What is e-foresight?

The Swisscom think tank e-foresight recognises, monitors and analyses trends as well as behavioural and technology developments in the global financial sector and digital ecosystem. The extensive information database serves as an internal basis for decision making within the banks.


Your expert

Sascha Gysel

Head of Think Tank e-foresight

The product is available in two versions:

Contents of the “Research” basic package:

Market research and impact analysis

Information portal:

Most extensive publication archive in digital banking from the perspective of Swiss banks.


(Every 4–5 months) together with leading academic partners.

Periodic reports:

(Every 4–5 months) providing an overview of the relevant developments with regard to Switzerland.

Reports as newsfeed

(2–3 times per week) with impact analysis. Quarterly collection of intelligent, significant and structure-changing micro trends.

Trend analyses:

Examining high-impact trends:

  • Developments or topics in the e-ecosystem.
  • Examination of scenarios and hypotheses (e.g. e-mortgages, digital asset management, block chain).

Individual support for banks:

Assessment of focus topics and individual in-depth analysis.

Creation of a digital roadmap:

  • Support with and further development of the digital strategy: including assessment of focus topics and impact analysis.


  • Recording and prioritising currently relevant trends and deriving focus topics from this.


  • Creating an urgency analysis.


  • Co-creation workshops to work out specifics of innovations.


  • Individual, in-depth topics for your bank, impulse presentations or sessions, business cases in digital banking.

Knowledge transfer with key personnel

  • Experts promote knowledge transfer with key personnel and their ongoing training.

Our network

Universities, incubators and global think tanks

The Swisscom analysts actively share knowledge with an ecosystem of international players in the finance sector. Cooperation with research centres and universities – including CC Sourcing via the Business Engineering Institute in St Gallen or the Institute of Financial Services Zug (IFZ) – also ensures that relevant global trends and their effects are looked at in greater depth.

Your Benefits

We provide information that enables you to make the right decisions quickly in the digital banking world. We offer you:


  • Push notifications on relevant trends in the digital banking world with estimations of the impacts on Swiss banks
  • Permanent access to expert and analyst knowledge
  • Low-cost service procurement thanks to leverage spread over multiple customer banks
  • Leverage of a major network and access to various experts and consultants: internally within Swisscom and externally via strategic partnerships with the Zug Institute for Financial Services (IFZ), CC Sourcing and other partners

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