Card Services with CardOne

Streamlined card management with CardOne

CardOne from Swisscom bundles the interfaces between core banking systems and card issuers, minimising the administration associated with card management and interface maintenance. With one single tool, you can manage payment methods and respond more quickly to the evolving needs of the customer or the market.

Your benefits

Consolidating interfaces relieves the pressure on core banking services

Better processing quality and a lower error rate

All card master data is instantly available

When is it the right solution?

CardOne from Swisscom is suitable for all banks seeking to automate and digitise their processes and minimise the administration associated with card management. The solution’s interface seamlessly links card issuers such as Viseca, Swiss Bankers, SIX or JayWalker to core banking systems like Avaloq.

What’s in it for you:

  • Efficient, lean card management processes
  • A better customer experience and better customer advice
  • A flexible standard solution that can be easily customised

Why Swisscom?

  • Flexible: CardOne connects several card issuers with the core banking system
  • Experienced: we have been integrating core banking and peripheral systems for over 20 years
  • Independent: operated by Swisscom or in a data centre of your choice

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Three possible areas of customer need

Card management

Reduce your costs and complexity

Your challenge

Your administration costs are high, and your core banking system is overburdened by card management. To provide quicker, more competent advice, you also need the latest card master data.

Our solution

CardOne automates processes, increases processing quality, reduces error rates and bundles interfaces. All data is synchronised on a continual basis. Furthermore, customised business rules allow you to flexibly tailor CardOne to your needs. 

Your benefits

This card management system improves the customer experience in the long term. You will not need additional user management to manage cards because your customers are onboarded online or through E-banking. New CardOne functions are launched regularly and can be used by your customers.

Interface bundling

Shorten your time to market

Customer experience

Improve the customer experience

Automation of card management


The 2-minute video explains how St. Galler Kantonalbank optimised its processes and saved money.


  • Fewer interfaces relieve the pressure on core banking systems and minimise administration
  • Automated processes increase processing quality and reduce error rates
  • The flexible standard solution can be configured specifically for each bank through the use of rules.
  • Operated in a highly secure data centre run by Swisscom or by a provider of your choice.
  • Self-service card management – anytime, anywhere – offers a high degree of flexibility
  • The clear dashboard design facilitates independent payment-method management
  • Your customers have immediate access to product innovations and developments
  • CardOne can be seamlessly integrated into your standard customer portal

Card Services at a glance

CardOne from Swisscom automates your card management processes and allows your customers to manage their cards themselves.

Would you like to find out more?

Data insights

CardOne provides valuable data and insights into your customers’ transactions. Use the insights gained through the card management system to inform marketing campaigns or conduct risk analyses, allowing you to identify evolving customer needs sooner and optimise your services and processes accordingly.

Customer insights

You can see all payment methods and transactions at a glance, which means you can provide better advice to the customer. Automated processes ensure that changes are immediately synchronised with card issuers. CardOne is the simple way to manage all debit, credit and prepaid cards, TWINT and many types of travel money.


The intuitive dashboard enables customers to manage their cards themselves, such as blocking, replacing or unblocking a card, adjusting their credit limit or changing their pin. CardOne can be incorporated into your E-banking or online portal and optimises the customer experience.

Prepaid cards

Customers can add money to their prepaid cards themselves and access the funds immediately. They are also able to order Swiss francs or foreign currencies for themselves.

  • «The self-service rate is very high, which gives us process savings and a good return on investment.»  

    Head of Product Management Financial Products and Payment Transactions
    St. Galler Kantonalbank AG


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