TWINT Whitelabel Banking

Customisable TWINT business app for banks

Swisscom’s TWINT business app is the only white-label banking solutions that debits or credits payments directly to the customer’s account.

With TWINT, you can add a simple, app-based payment solution to your bank’s offering without having to set up and manage your own infrastructure.

TWINT is growing rapidly

More than three million people currently use TWINT regularly. The number of users and transactions is rising sharply. Your customers want to use TWINT too, to pay online or at the point of sale (POS), to send or receive money, or to split bills in a restaurant, for instance.

Bespoke white-label banking solution

You can easily customise the white-label solution to your specific branding using your bank’s colours and logo or custom text elements. This distinct image will help you stand out as an innovative bank in the app shop and on the market.

TWINT Business with Swisscom

Your bank’s TWINT app runs on any Android or iOS smartphone and offers all the functions that TWINT users know and love. You customise our white-label banking solution to your needs; we connect it to your core banking system and your transaction process.

A strong community

We first launched TWINT Whitelabel Services back in 2017. Today, more than 20 Swiss banks rely on our white-label banking solution.

When is it the right solution?

Increase customer loyalty with TWINT Business: more than three million people regularly use the mobile payment solution to pay, send money or split bills. Thanks to our TWINT Whitelabel Services, you can offer your customers an iOS or Android banking app for your specific bank.

Popular Swiss payment solution: growing numbers of people are using TWINT for POS and online payments or for splitting bills when eating out. Without a dedicated TWINT app for your bank, you run the risk of losing customers to your competitors.

TWINT Whitelabel Services is the white-label banking solution. We develop, implement and operate the app, saving you time and money. We also regularly introduce new functions and continual software updates.

Your benefits

  • Highly available, fail-safe operation around the clock
  • Payments are immediately debited or credited to customer accounts
  • Bank-specific TWINT Business app in your bank’s branding for Android and iOS

Offer for TWINT Whitelabel Services

Overview of TWINT Whitelabel Services

Our white-label solution is seamlessly integrated into the TWINT ecosystem and processes transactions in both directions.

Why Swisscom?


The only white-label solution that directly debits and credits customer accounts


Operation and data storage in our Swiss data centre


Numerous Swiss banks already use our white-label solution

What our customers say

‘People today want to make payments, send/receive money or split bills easily, quickly and securely. With TWINT Whitelabel Services, banks can offer this service and strengthen long-term customer loyalty without requiring their own IT infrastructure.’

André Durrer, Head of Digital Business Platforms, Swisscom

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