Crypto AML Compliance

Detect and monitor money laundering red flags with cryptocurrencies

Under the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act, all financial institutions are required to identify and clarify risks associated with crypto currencies. Crypto AML Compliance provides comprehensive support in this. Automatic monitoring detects, checks and reports changes to the risk profile or forwards to an expert.

Your benefits

Modular design to give you the specific services you need

One-time or continuous risk classification

Analysis of risk-relevant information from the blockchain

When is it the right solution?

Crypto AML Compliance is designed for financial service providers who accept cryptocurrencies or fiat money from cryptocurrency trading and would like to benefit from Swisscom’s extensive expertise in analysing and identifying money laundering risks in connection with blockchain.

What’s in it for you:

  • Automated detection of money laundering risks in the blockchain
  • Manual clarifications by Swisscom crypto compliance experts
  • Implementation of the latest regulatory developments in your framework

Why Swisscom?

  • Expertise: our teams have experience in the crypto financial sector and own a network of blockchain experts
  • Best practice: a holistic best-practice approach with a focus on the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act
  • Security: sensitive data is exchanged over our secure and confidential Tier 4 platform

Crypto AML Compliance quotation

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Crypto AML Compliance
in detail

Risk classification

Automatic assessment of all risks and action initiation

Modern data analysis tools automatically assess the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing for blockchain addresses, transactions in cryptocurrencies and wallet users. Among other things, Crypto AML detects and tracks transaction flows and interactions with stock exchanges, mixers and darknet marketplaces, for example, and compares these with databases. Risk assessments can be one off or continuous.

Extensive due diligence

Manual risk analysis, if required, based on different tools

Verification of power of disposition

Verification of wallet addresses

Compliance support

Design and integration in your processes

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  • Money laundering risks associated with cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrencies and blockchain offer new opportunities for concealing illegally acquired funds within the financial and economic system. This is due to the underlying technology and the way cryptocurrencies can be acquired and used.

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