Robotic Process Automation:
automate business processes quickly,
simply and inexpensively

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Robotic Process Automation with Swisscom

Let your digital assistant carry out repetitive, non-value-adding activities so you can focus all your attention on your core business. Increase your productivity while cutting your costs.


Consulting & implementation

From software evaluation to technical and organisational implementation. We’re here to help.


Use case operation

We’ll operate your robots for you, with service levels such as 24/7 intervention or from near- and offshore locations on request.



We’ll provide the infrastructure, including setup, whether in the cloud, on your company premises or with us.


Licensing service

Buy your RPA licences through Swisscom and benefit from special discounts.

Unique RPA services

As well as traditional RPA services, you can access the following exclusive services:

RPA as a Service

Enjoy the benefits of RPA while we look after everything else, including licensing, infrastructure and operation.

Shared Robots as a Service

If your company has limited automation possibilities, you can still enjoy the benefits of RPA and share the licence costs with other companies.

Orchestrator/Control Room as a Service

Make annual savings of up to 85% compared with the usual infrastructure, maintenance and licensing costs.

RPA Add-ons as a Service

You can include RPA Add-ons with your existing Orchestrator/Control Room as a Service for up to 95% less than the usual price.

Discounted RPA licences

Swisscom offers dedicated RPA licences at discounted prices ‒ 24/7 and with no restrictions.

Use case operation

We’ll operate your robots for you for either a fixed price or a usage-based fee. Access Operation Services with various service levels and in different locations.

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