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Differentiation through first-class banking software development              

Stand out from the competition with custom banking solutions and choose secure, high-quality bespoke apps.

Your products’ smooth user experience allows you to ensure inspiring customer experiences and keep your promise to customers. Our IT Consulting and Financial Software Engineering teams will support you on this path. 

Quality consulting and software development from a single source

To meet the banking service and solution requirements of today’s banking customers, offering real-time data processing and the integration of all digital channels is vital. Based on a broad technology portfolio and the latest cloud approaches, IT Consulting and Software Engineering for Banking will implement your custom solution in consideration of the requirements of modern, mobile use. 

Whether you are looking to offer innovative apps, integrate solutions or expand and develop your core banking system, the needs of your customers will determine the technology you require. Using open industry standards enables trends to be continuously incorporated into the further development of your software solution. Our IT Consulting and Software Engineering for Banking will advise and support you in developing of your solution, the architecture, the choice of technology and the visual design, and takes care of the software development on your behalf. Our experts are also there to advise on the latest technology trends and performance optimisation too.

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When is it the right solution?

Are you looking for a team of experts to advise you on all areas relating to software solutions and software development? Are you looking for a partner to implement a custom solution or do you need technical due diligence to inform your make-or-buy decisions? Would you like a holistic analysis and implementation-focused options? Are you hoping to achieve an advantage by integrating different, heterogeneous systems?

Trust us with your projects and rely on our IT Consulting and Software Engineering experience. As a bank, you will benefit from our proven industry expertise, including:

  • Complex front-end systems for banks with APIs to the core banking system
  • Intuitive mobile payment apps
  • Successful migration of existing legacy systems to modern core banking applications
  • Data and storage platforms for digital assets

Your benefits

  • First-class user experience: Solutions based on the latest knowledge and tailored to your needs.
  • Reliable project management: Agile methods and project management expertise ensure targets are achieved.
  • Results-oriented requirements engineering: The development team and all the parties involved work together throughout all phases of the project.

Our offer

Our support for banks 

To secure its competitive advantage, a bank wants to implement a proprietary solution and integrate third-party components into its system landscape. To implement this, it requires support from IT and banking experts.

Our solution

Our banking IT Consulting & Software Engineering consultants advise the bank on the optimum architecture and how to achieve a successful implementation. They work hand in hand with the bank’s internal architects and developers to achieve the optimal outcome.

A bank needs a piece of software that is not available as a standard product. Due to business requirements, it wants to fully outsource the development of the modern web application with a self-service area for end customers. 

Our solution

Our experts take care of the software development and can handle the entire development process if necessary. We work closely with the bank to refine their requirements and define an architecture that incorporates the latest cloud approaches. This is then implemented, tested and released. Agile, iterative working methods are deployed throughout the development process, and the bank is involved at all times. This ensures that all of the bank’s requirements are met.

A bank wants to completely replace its old portal with a new, user-friendly version that can be customised. It must allow the integration of applications that go beyond the functionality of a typical CMS.

Our solution

Swisscom not only provides support during provider evaluation but also gives consideration from the outset to options such as future data migration needs and the integration of third-party applications. This creates a user-friendly, future-proof portal which underlines the bank’s modern image.

Why Swisscom?

Swiss-made Software

Local team ensures optimum implementation efficiency and maximum product quality

In-depth knowledge

Vast, in-depth ICT and banking expertise

Broad technology portfolio

Exactly the right solution for the problem and the customer requirement

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