Banking Management Consulting Services

For a successful digital transformation in banking

Draw on our many years of expertise in the digital transformation of banks. Our team of experts will accompany your digitisation projects and advise you on strategic and procedural challenges, ensuring a more efficient provision of services and happy customers, and helping your financial institution set itself apart on the market.

Act efficiently and create customer experiences

Shrinking margins and rising cost pressures require automated, lean banking processes that enable the different service units of your bank to work together smoothly. Not only does our banking consulting service help you automate processes, it also shows how to create digital, end-to-end customer experiences like your customers already know and value in other industries, thereby helping you outperform even disruptive competitors.

Experience and transformation 

From our experience of working with over 170 banks in Switzerland, we know that putting the needs of your customers first is more important than ever. Traditional revenue streams are drying up and new ecosystems are emerging. This transformation in banking requires a rethink of the services provided and vertical integration. We help you to take these challenges as an opportunity and turn it to your advantage.


The latest developments in technology call for flexible organisations with adaptable infrastructures. Open banking, for instance, brings new customer interfaces and stricter regulatory requirements. To address these complex challenges, banks need a reputable and experienced, yet innovative partner by their side. 

What’s in it for you:

  • Comprehensive advice on digital transformation
  • Specialist consultants with expertise in the industry and IT experience
  • Holistic approach from initialisation through to operation

Your benefits

An understanding of customer needs thanks to many years of industry leadership as a banking IT provider

The latest knowledge courtesy of an innovative digital banking think tank and experienced network

Reduced complexity through a comprehensive, holistic, one-stop solution

When is it the right solution?

Do you want to offer your customers the simplest and most efficient banking relationship possible that saves time and money for everyone involved? Swisscom will help you pave the way. Improve your internal adaptability and create scope for innovation.

With us as an experienced partner, you can put your customers front and centre and revolutionise your bank-customer relationship. Swisscom will help you streamline your processes, handle projects in a time- and cost-efficient manner and create new sources of income to make up for declining margins in traditional business areas.

Why Swisscom?

  • Customer-centric: as Switzerland’s leading banking IT provider, we perfectly understand the needs of banks and have excellent process knowledge.
  • Innovative: through networking with IT and FinTech companies, we always have our finger on the pulse of the industry and explore innovations with our Digital Banking Think Tank.
  • Holistic: individual support and solutions for your digitisation projects through freely combinable, modular products.

Swisscom Management Consulting Services

We will be happy to advise you. Benefit from our expertise in:

  • Innovation Management
  • Transformation
  • Business Excellence
  • Project Management

Quotation for Management Consulting Services

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Embrace innovation with our consulting services 

Swisscom Management Consulting Services – areas of expertise

Business Excellence

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Reliably automate repetitive tasks to drive productivity up and costs down.  


Regulatory, Compliance & RegTech

Leverage new technologies and software to effectively and efficiently manage your compliance processes and regulatory requirements. 


Process Excellence

Optimise your processes in the front, middle and back office, drawing on our experience of new and traditional technologies. 


Client Lifecycle Management

Let us help you improve the customer experience and optimise your client lifecycle management to increase process efficiency. 

Project Management

Innovation Management


Supporting your digitisation strategy

We identify trends, develop innovations and accompany you during implementation and operation.

Swisscom treibt Innovation voran, hilft bei der Transformation und unterstützt beim Projektmanagement, damit Sie zur Business Excellence gelangen.

Our whitepapers


Robotic process automation (RPA) for banks 

Let software robots take over manual, repetitive tasks and automate your business processes.


Anti-Money Laundering Act

Find out about the due diligence obligations for banks and the crypto ecosystem in the context of the Anti-Money Laundering Act.


Data for innovations

Data-driven business needs a rethink in all areas. Our trend study highlights important aspects.


Market changes as a point of departure

Established banks have to assert themselves against new competitors, including competitors from outside the industry, and refine their strategies at an early stage.

Additional information

The introduction of the revised Data Protection Act: A task for the entire company​

The revised Data Protection Act is intended to create greater transparency concerning the use of personal data. The consequences for data-processing companies in Switzerland should not be underestimated.


Agility in the mortgage business

Digital identification during client onboarding


Balz Gut on banking trends

  • Onboarding in under 10 minutes

    “Swisscom helps to implement onboarding in less than 10 minutes with lean, user-friendly and, of course, compliant processes.”

    Alina Klaus, Expert in Digital Customer Onboarding/Management Consultant

  • 90% cost savings with RPA cloud  

    “With our experience, we can help identify, automate and efficiently operate suitable processes. And thanks to our unique RPA Cloud, our customers save up to 90% on costs.” 

    Dominik Fischer, RPA Expert/Management Consultant 

  • More than 60% of all processes can be outsourced

    “Currently, only around 15% of all banking processes are outsourced – but it could be over 60%. We will be happy to show you the right model and the perfect partner for you.”

    Silvan Lohri, Evaluation Specialist/Head of Banking Consulting

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