Project management consulting for the banking sector

Project management consulting takes your bank where it needs to go

Your IT projects can respond flexibly and quickly to banking changes without compromising on security and compliance. You can rely on our experienced project management consulting and our agile project management support for banking. Our team of banking experts is there to help you.

Wanted: complexity managers and talented communicators

Today’s fast-paced environment places high demands on financial institutions and financial service providers. The number, size and complexity of projects are increasing all the time. To a large extent, the success of projects and their contribution to business performance rests with the in-depth expertise of the project managers.


Professional project management is a complex task, requiring a command of systems and business as well as people skills, with the ability to communicate appropriately with target groups, to balance different interests, deal with conflicts and motivate the project team.

Why not simply use project management on demand?

This is where Swisscom’s experienced experts come in. They free you up to concentrate on your strengths by assuming full or partial responsibility for your banking project, including the handling of cutover management – the final project phase where the solution goes live. Of course, they focus in particular on project risks that need to be anticipated and managed to ensure that your objectives are reliably delivered on time and on budget.


Your benefits

Experience: Swisscom is well-established in the banking sector and has managed numerous projects

Focus: relying on proven methodology and motivating, cascaded communication

Commitment: take advantage of Swisscom’s negotiation skills, assertiveness and eye on the big picture

When is it the right solution?

Would you like to drive your projects forward in a controlled and systematic manner and keep pace with the changes dictated by the market and regulatory requirements? Do you have difficulties filling project management roles because the specialists you need are not available internally or on the labour market?

Would an independent perspective help you ensure that your project can weather the storms or come on stream cleanly and work smoothly right away? Our project management experts help you to implement the necessary changes.


They have power, extensive knowledge and effective people skills and will bring your project to a successful conclusion.

What’s in it for you:

  • All aspects of project management for banking
  • Cutover management for complex go-lives
  • Project reviews, coaching and risk management for financial services providers

Why Swisscom?

  • A holistic approach: we provide project management, consulting and IT implementation from a single source.
  • Scalable as required: our pool of project managers has a wide range of skills.
  • Broad experience: you will benefit the knowledge we have gained from many similar projects.

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Banking sector project management

What you need

Financial institutions are experiencing constant change, resulting in a greater number of increasingly complex projects. You need to respond rapidly and flexibly to changing market conditions and regulatory changes. You need to ensure that the necessary changes are implemented in a controlled and systematic fashion and with the requisite people skills. 


How we can help you

Swisscom’s experts have successfully implemented numerous large and small-scale banking-sector projects requiring challenging levels of project management expertise. Our project managers motivate the project team to reach new levels of performance, they communicate appropriately (including at C-level) and use proven methodologies and an extensive network of peers. They are also skilful, assertive negotiators who keep sight of the big picture. Thanks to our established position in the banking sector, we have a profound understanding of the needs of the financial industry. 

Project coaching and advice

Risk management for projects

Project review

Cutover management

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Project management

Project coaching and advice

Risk management for projects

Project review

Cutover management

Our methodology

How do you get on top of complexity? With a methodical approach – the basis of your project’s success.

The modular platform can be simply and flexibly expanded.

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