Financial cloud management with FinOps from Swisscom 

Get the most out of your cloud environment 

FinOps improves interdisciplinary collaboration for more efficient use of the public cloud and maximum value generation. Swisscom helps you apply the FinOps framework and adapts it to your company. 

Cloud FinOps for your business 

FinOps will help your company optimally leverage the public cloud and streamline costs. Application of the framework puts you in control, providing cost transparency and supporting your company with budgeting, forecasting and compliance. 
To exploit the full potential of cloud infrastructures with FinOps, it needs new processes and interdisciplinary collaboration within the areas of IT, finance and business. This calls for a culture change to guarantee the long-term optimisation of business operations. 

Your benefits

  • Control and optimise costs across your entire cloud infrastructure 
  • Accelerate your journey to the cloud and the digital transformation of your business
  • Increased competitiveness based on interdisciplinary decision making

When is it the right solution?

Shocked by excessive cloud infrastructure costs? Then it’s time to create transparency. With FinOps, we analyse your current cloud financial management from a technology, business and financing perspective. We have achieved cloud cost savings in the region of 30% in many of our previous projects. 

For longer-term cost control, our FinOps-certified consultants conduct current state assessments. Providing you with a managed service, we will help increase your FinOps expertise to give you the means to control and continuously optimise your cloud operating costs over the long term. 

Why Swisscom?

  • As a strategic partner of hyperscalers, Swisscom is an expert at identifying potential for optimisation. 
  • Our FinOps-certified consultants are all-round experts in framework application. 
  • Swisscom supports you throughout the entire FinOps process and longer term with the managed service. 

Our FinOps products and services   

Continuous optimisation in the FinOps process  

With constantly changing cloud infrastructures and new service offerings, cost management requires continuous optimisation.  

Phases in the FinOps process 

FinOps also ensures optimum cloud cost management over the long term. The use of all cloud resources is analysed, optimised and monitored periodically. 

We analyse your current cloud activities in detail. Based on the insights gained, our certified FinOps team of experts define the potential for optimisation. 

The cloud services deployed are selected according to (cost) efficiency, and billing methods are adapted accordingly. Cost awareness within the teams is increased. 

We continue to monitor the changing cloud infrastructures, checking for possible anomalies or inefficient use of resources.  

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