Your data talks; are you listening?

Data Insights Service is the ideal solution for smart data and data analytics projects.

Let your data talk

Transparency, visibility, measurability and decision-making based on a full set of data. 


Everyone trusts facts that give a global perspective. Making complexity understandable, creating transparency, obtaining end-to-end perspectives beyond organisational and tool limitations, making complex connections easily and quickly visible, KPI-based control and automation, gaining unprecedented insights: these are the tasks and objectives of the Data Insights Service.

Connecting competences and maximising benefits

We bring your specific business know-how and our data scientists together in order to quickly produce meaningful, value-generating results in short, efficient iterations. You don’t need to worry about infrastructure, application and secure data storage, since the cost-benefit ratio is always optimised with the pay-per-use model. Structured and unstructured data sources can be easily docked with the open platform in order to produce an overall perspective quickly. Together, we can visualise customer journeys, for example, optimise processes, measure infrastructure behaviour, optimise products and sales channels, and much more. 


With our Data Insights Service, you will soon have a broader view of your company. Contact us now to find out more.


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Michael Schmid

Head of CoC Data Insights

Let your data talk: create transparent facts and generate improvements and automation.

Facts and transparency

  • End-to-end view beyond system, process and organisational limitations
  • Attractive, meaningful dashboards


  • Pay-per-use, costs in line with benefits
  • Fast results
  • No one-off investments in infrastructure and know-how development

Value creation

  • Obtain new insights and derive actions
  • Trigger for follow-up activities and automation

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Getting started with Data Insights Service

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