Your data talks – listen to it!

In a complex world full of unknowns, choosing the right course of action is crucial to success. Swisscom’s Data Insights Service helps your company correlate information from numerous structured and unstructured internal and external data sources in order to identify facts, provide the basis for decision-making and spot ways of optimising your business.


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Your benefits with the Data Insights Service

Big data analytics

The Data Insights Service will help your company to quickly make fact-based forecasts and decisions.

Cost control

The Data Insights Service is based on a pay-per-use model with no need for additional infrastructure, licence or resource costs.


Your data is stored in secure, ISO 27001 certified data centres in Switzerland.

Collected data in itself has no value. It only becomes valuable if it is used to generate forecasts, insights and actionable results quickly and simply.


With the Data Insights Service, we’ll help you connect structured and unstructured data from a wide range of sources. By visualising the data, you’ll be able to gain insights in the here and now as well as make forecasts for the future.


You’ll therefore be able to use your data to identify possible courses of action and thereby generate critical competitive advantages for your company.

Identify new market demands thanks to big data analytics so you can support your customers with enhanced customer journeys

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