Mobility for Work

Mobility for Work allows your employees to experience the mobile working of the future today

The switch to an employee-focused enterprise is a deciding factor for the digital transformation. Mobility for Work provides you with the first step in the right direction. It gives your enterprise the opportunity to let employees manage their devices and subscriptions independently. On an integrated platform they choose a device and a subscription according to the company's guidelines and place the order on their own. As a result, you don’t worry about such time-consuming administrative tasks any longer and therefor reduce costs.


Increase your employees’ job satisfaction with self-management of devices and subscriptions.

Increased employee satisfaction

You can increase your employees’ satisfaction by allowing them to select their own subscriptions and mobile devices and manage them in real time

More efficient work processes

Dedicate yourself to more important tasks and allow us to look after end-user care concerning subscriptions and mobile devices

Round-the-clock support

We take full responsibility for the whole employee service, including supplementary services, 24/7


Separation of business and private costs

Offer an attractive fringe benefit

Quick integration of employees

You decide who bears which costs and can easily carry out cost separations according to subscription and device Maximum cost control

Your employees can select their device and subscription themselves

You can use a voucher system to give your employees credit or authorisation to order subscriptions and devices

Application video for collaborators


Facts & Figures

Mobility for Work offers you the option of letting employees look after the management of devices and subscriptions themselves.
We offer you standard and optional services

Standard versions

Mobility for Work S   The monthly subscription costs are billed to employees directly. To this end, they can avail themselves of the Swisscom customer centre for viewing bills and itemised billing, as well as making address changes. 
Mobility for Work M   Subscriptions and mobile devices can be ordered and managed directly by employees. To this end, they can make use of an online portal, telephone support and various points of sale. The services may be provided by Swisscom or a Swisscom partner.  
Mobility for Work L   In addition to the services described in package S and package M, package L contains separation of subscription and mobile device costs between the company and your employees as well as the access code requester (order approval system).

Mobility for Work Packages

Employee services





Telephone support:

24/7 support for subscriptions and devices by Swisscom or a Swisscom partner. (For service package S, telephone support is only available for billing issues) 1 2

Online management

Manage mobile products online (PUK, replacement SIM, additional SIM, SIM blocking/unblocking, suspension, cancellation etc.) as well as viewing bills and itemised billing 1 2

Online Ordering

Online order platform with a customised selection of subscriptions, devices and accessories


Acess code requester:

Order approval for employees carried out directly by Swisscom based on your company’s specifications

Points of sale:

Direct care in the Swisscom Shop or in a Swisscom partner’s shop


Billing options





Itemised billing showing calls made:

Direct billing of subscription costs to employees as well as bill display and address changes in the Swisscom customer centre; telephone support for queries

Smart Split: 

Separation of monthly call costs 3

Cost splitting: 

Separation of device costs


     Not available

     Option available (additional charge)

 1        The service package S provides phone support and the admin portal for enquiries on all aspects of billing and costs ONLY.

 2        The services may be provided by Swisscom or a specialist retailer.

 3         Smart Split requires the private payer option.

Getting started with Mobility for Work