Understand how Switzerland moves

Decide, don’t guess! Mobility Insights opens new business opportunities. It changes the way we make decisions by providing a deeper understanding of human mobility and by turning invisible and unknown potential into visible and meaningful data.

Discover Mobility Insights capabilities
powered by anonymised mobile network data


Gain insights on how people move around. Build and optimise infrastructures based on genuine demand.

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Transport Analytics

Use our insights to optimise your transport services and capacities.


Traffic Management

Measure nation-wide road traffic congestions, its economic, ecological and societal impact.


Urban Planning

Understand how people move and evaluate how a new infrastructure affects traffic flows.

Gain insights on how your employees commute and their carbon emission.


Employees Mobility

Drill down by site and discover your employee-commute patterns.



Gain insights to your employee mobility carbon emission automatically and be enabled to actively manage it.


Work Smart

What are your employees’ preferred home office days? When do they arrive and leave the office? And what is your office occupancy?

Ensure the safety and security of Swiss population.



Deploy safely and operate autonomous drones in urban areas.


City Safety

Detect emergencies and potential dangers in urban areas.

Create a better omnichannel experience. Our data allow you to better understand your customers and better address messages.

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Consumer & Location Analytics

Understand how your target group moves around your point of sales. Compare new locations and optimise existing ones in terms of product range, marketing and pricing.


In-Store Analytics

Enhance security and uncover hidden business potential by video surveillance and analysis. Survey customer frequency, measure linger time and identify customer profiles.


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Out-of-Home Advertisement

Optimise advertising locations and adapt your advertisements.


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Alain Jörg

Director Mobility Insights, Entrepreneur In Residence


Mobility Insights uses highly anonymised and aggregated data from our mobile network in a way such that it respects everyone's privacy and complies with the data protection laws.

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