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About Mobility Insights

Decide, don’t guess! Mobility Insights opens new business opportunities. It changes the way we make decisions by providing a deeper understanding of human mobility and by turning invisible and unknown potential into visible and meaningful data.


Use Case

We are in the process of implementing a feasibility study for tracking recreational facilities and green spaces. Using anonymous, aggregated cell phone data, heat maps are created to help the client understand how and when facilities are used by the public. These occupancy figures can be used to make decisions about expanding, eliminating, or building new recreational facilities and to better plan maintenance needs.

Urs Lehner

Urs Lehner

Head of Business Customers at Swisscom

"We make our business customers fit for the future with innovative solutions."

The observatory of Tourism in Valais (Tourobs) has developed a tool to measure the frequentation of the resorts. From the insights provided by Swisscom, the institute can know daily how many people visit the resort.

Michael Moret

Michael Moret

Director Anniviers Tourism

"We were blind and, finally, we will see."

The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH / BAG / OFSP) is using heatmaps and trip information from the mobility insights platform to see the average numbers of kilometers per inhabitant and per canton as well as density of people in selected public areas.

Philippe Cuendet

VP Data & AI New Business at Swisscom

"Aggregated & annonymized mobility data offers great insights in an ethical way to support government organization in taking the right decisions."

Swisscom Retail uses mobility indicators from the mobility insights platform to completely redesign its shop network. They went from a manual data informed process to a completely automatized dashboard identifying the most promising locations using machine learning algorithms.

Julienne Veer

Sales Strategy Manager bei Shops & Retail Channel Development at Swisscom  

"Mobility data helps us design the perfect shop network in Switzerland."

One of the oldest private insurance companies in Switzerland, is using its Natel Go subscriptions to learn more about the work-related trips and Co2 emitted by its employees on its 3 major sites in Nyon, Bern and Zurich.

Res Witschi

Leader Corporate Responsibility at Swisscom

"Thanks to Swisscom mobile data, we support our customers in the carbon footprint and mobility measurement of their employees and help sustainability departments take data-driven decisions to reach their goals."

Our products

We enable our customers to make data driven business decisions based on our mobility indicators. We offer the mobility insights in a standardised and productised manner through the API catalogue in Swisscom data marketplace and through our existing web platform.

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Mobility Insights uses highly anonymised and aggregated data from our mobile network in a way such that it respects everyone's privacy and complies with the data protection laws.


What is Swisscom’s Mobility Insights Platform?

What kind of information can our customers access via the MIP?

What is the legal basis of the MIP?

What data has to be processed in order to provide the information requested by the customer on the MIP?

How exactly are the network events processed in order to prepare the data provided on the MIP?

Is it possible to identify or even monitor a SIM card holder using the data provided on the MIP?

Is it possible for customers to block their own SIM card to prevent Swisscom from analysing their location data?

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