More than just centralised, secure
IoT device management

Wherever your connected devices and objects are located, connectivity management is child’s play thanks to integrated alarms and triggers. CMP Mobile can be integrated into your existing environment with minimal lead times, giving you a quick, continuous overview of all your IoT SIM cards, costs and devices.

How you can benefit from the Swisscom Connectivity Management Platform Mobile

Automated and intuitive

The user interface is straightforward and easy to use. Extensively preconfigured reports shorten processing times and make it possible to generate new, specific reports.

Always securely connected

Whether you use a shared or private APN, VPN or MPLS, our wide range of connection options provides the security you need.

State-of-the-art network coverage

We enable you to be connected securely and seamlessly globally as well as offer specific local connectivity solutions.

World’s leading platform

CMP Mobile is continuously being enhanced to assure that it meets the requirements of essentially any IoT solution. Furthermore, it allows the management of all your IoT connectivity, be it local (including roaming) or remote, through a single platform and API.

Together we can lay the groundwork for your IoT success with CMP Mobile

advice – installation – training – use

Consulting and offers

So that you can start benefiting from CMP Mobile without a long lead time, our experts will provide you with 24/7 support and help you to develop a project plan with optimal use of resources.

Technical commissioning

We will offer you expert, personal support with the activation of all your IoT SIM cards and CMP Mobile Platform installation.

Training and onboarding

In order that you can use the CMP Mobile Platform fully and independently, you and your staff will receive all the training you need.



Finally, you can manage your global IoT applications in accordance with your requirements and benefit from our experts’ support whenever you need it.

Using the Connectivity Management Platform

Journey of a Smart Product

Data reliability and security are essential for the manufacturer – this is why the company has decided to work with the world’s most innovative and frequently used Connectivity Management Platform (CMP Mobile). In addition to the highest levels of quality and reliability, the CMP Mobile also allows the customer to rest assured that the data is hosted in Switzerland and 24/7 support is available even before rollout.

Let’s design your detailed IoT plan together

With flexible tariffs and comprehensive functions, CMP Mobile forms the basis for more efficient work processes, lower costs or the creation of new applications.


View clearly presented figures such as usage diagnostics for troubleshooting or cost breakdowns via web API interfaces in the dashboards.


Our IoT SIM cards are designed and manufactured as robust 2FF, 3FF and 4FF SIM as well as Automotive grade if required. In addition, SON-8 Solderable SIM Chips and newest features such as eSIM / eUICC are available


Alert and monitoring functions help to prevent misuse (Trigger-Management).


Tailor made cost structure allows you to technically incorporate your business case to the IoT Solution for both local and global services with features such as individual roaming profiles and data bundle pooling – all out of one hand and in one invoice.

Take the first step towards using CMP Mobile today

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Start your IoT project today and order IoT connectivity over the online shop.

Select from two of our standardized tariff plans.


Starter Kit CMP Mobile

The CMP Mobile Developer Starter Kit includes:


  • 3 month's access to the Connectivity Management Platform Mobile
  • 5 SIM cards (format 3 in 1), incl. data volumes/SMS
  • On request: roaming and voice options


eUICC Trial-Kit: Test your Devices in China ​

  • 5 test eUICCs for 3 months ​
  • 70 MB/ Month/ eUICC​
  • Format: 3 in 1, 2FF, Son-8​
  • 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT


Start your IoT project today and order IoT connectivity over the online shop. Choose from two standardized tariff plans as a basis for your IoT project.​

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